Evaluation Criteria Paper Essay

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Evaluation Criteria Paper

Taylor Transit is a company that is growing rapidly. The company must analyze the resources and capabilities of the company to look for the right tools that will provide potential benefits and competitive advantages in human resources. The new approach should include the selection of effective tools that help human resources during the expansion process and the criteria that will be beneficial in the human resource practices.

The intent of the paper is discussing the implementation of specific HR tools such as employee selection test, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), successful planning, and the evaluation of the criteria for each tool selection. Human Resource Criteria Identification Identify and establish which is the most appropriate criteria is fundamental because it allows the implementation of new human resources procedures. The following explain the criteria for each of the following tools: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

For Taylor Transit implementation and use of HRIS is of great benefit because it helps to increase the effectiveness of human resources assets as well as provide guidance. The criteria will be based in the necessity of having a good HR information system in where the company will be able to keep information concerning to each employee and any other related HR information such as employees evaluation, disciplinary actions, rewards, and trainings within the organization.

The “HRIS technology supports strategic planning through the generation of labor force supply and demand needs, requirements and forecasts” ( Lippert & Swiercz, 2005). This tool will be very useful for the company; given that the company is expanding it is important to have a system that allows Taylor Transit to have a solid database to track data 8,000 employees in order to help in the planning and execution of the company objectives. Selection Test The adequate selection test for the company is important because allow identifying the right candidate since the beginning of recruitment process.

The recommended tools for measure the candidates are the cognitive aptitude and the ability tests. “Cognitive aptitude and ability tests are among the most valid predictors available to organizations” ( Terpstra, 1994). The criteria in the selection of these tools are because the cognitive aptitude test measure the candidate mental capabilities as well their reasoning and communication. On the other hand, the ability test will help to predict the performance of the employee within the company.

Besides the background and the experience of the candidate, for the company will be useful make a thorough assessment in order to have the best candidates within the company Succession Planning “Succession planning must be part of an integrated HR process that includes training, development and performance appraisal” (Stensgaard, 2005). The criteria for choosing this tool is because the “succession planning also has indirect impacts on measures of firm performance such as productivity and gross returns on assets” (Greer & Virick, 2008).

This would be excellent tool that would be beneficial in the aid of HR processes (training, development, and performance). One of the things Taylor Transit need to take into consideration is make sure of taking the necessary measures regarding in the proper selection of personnel for each of the positions within the company, as well of having the support of the senior level management. This is important because it allows a systematic process for identifying, evaluating, and developing personnel who are trained to perform key functions within the company.

The usefulness of this is essential because it allows certain key personnel receive the necessary tools to develop their skills and abilities, as well as giving them the opportunity in the future to be the future leaders of the company. Conclusion By implementing the right tools allows human resource management to have a higher level of competitiveness. The three selected tools are best suited for the rapid growth of Taylor Transit. Implement the HRIS is helpful because it allows better control of information, and quick access to information for each employee.

And for assessing the performance, this will help determine what kind of trainings can be provided to employees. This is helpful because it allows management the assessment and improvement of the procedures of the company. Meanwhile, the employee selection tests are useful because they allow the assessment of cognitive abilities and skills of employees in order to recruit the best possible candidates and may have better performance of the company.

This is important because in the long run is cost effective because employees who have better cognitive aptitudes and abilities skills learn quickly, therefore the company does not have to incur in additional expenses for re-training their employees and in turn avoid turnover. Finally, the successful planning is helpful because it allows employees to adapt quickly to the demands of the company; the company in turn may have strategically highly qualified personnel in positions that are key to the success of the company. Implementing these tools allow the proper management of the company.

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