Evaluating Websites and Performance Factors

User side

Download Speed

The download speed is the speed in which something can copy data from the internet to a computer system. The type of service you use can all depend on the download speed, here are some services that can be used:

  • Dial-Up- Dial up is an old-fashioned way of computer connection. It uses the current analogue telephone line and it has continued to be a popular way of connecting for years. When it first came out it had the average speed of 56kbps.

    ISDN- ISDN is formally known as Integrated Service Digital Network. This means that the ISDN is a digital network and it connects in a digital way. It is faster than the dial up at the speed of 128kpbs. It does need to be connected to a digital line for it to work. DSL- DSL is formally known as Digital Subscriber Line, it uses the digital lines to run quicker the difference between ISDN and DSL is the speed and price.

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  • ISDN is cheaper than DSL because DSL is faster than ISDN; DSL has a speed of 1mp – 8mph. Broadband-Broadband is the fastest with an expected speed of 100mbps (measured in bits per second) in the near future. It is the newest one and many people have broadband over the others. Broadband is constantly changed and improved too keep the speed up.

PC Performance Factors

  1. Browser- Browser is the type of internet source in which you use. There are many kinds of browsers; the mainly used browsers are Safari and Google chrome.

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    New browsers are being made all the time; there are hundreds to choose from. Different browsers work differently on different computers for example Safari will work best on Apple Mac as it is macs own created browser.

  2. Cache Memory-Cache Memory this is the memory in which your computer has. The bigger the memory the faster the computer will run. The cache memory is used to reduce the average time to access memory. The more memory you have the less your computer has to deal with the quicker the system can run. My advice to you to keep your computer performance up is to make sure you do regular disk clean up, defragging and a general clear out at least once a month, but it all depends on how much you use your computer system. A cache memory is a teporary internet file.When you go onto an internet page the it gets saved onto your hard drive this makes it easier forthe computer to re-access it when you try to access a site. This take up mmeory and occasionally will need deleting for space.
  3. Processor-Processor is the main part of the computer; everything is run by the processor. When purchasing a computer you will see different types of processors and different numbers as such this number is the speed of the processor, an example would be Intel core processor i3 this is a good processor but you can get an i7 which will be faster meaning your computer performance would be excellent compared to the i3. You can have a fast internet connection but you may have a slow processor this would mean that it takes awhile for your internet to load and connect to the pages yet the internet connection is fast. Its deceiving as if you updated your processor your internet would work efficiently.

Server side

Web Server Capacity

The bigger the bandwidth the better as the bandwidth is what allows you to have more viewers looks at the site. If you have a large bandwidth you can have a lot of people watch videos as videos take up a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth can determine how much you can download at the same time. Bandwidth is looked at as a large pipe in which users use to connect to the web server, the bigger the pipe the more user that can travel down. The greater the web pages and its content and related files the fewer users can download at once.

Server side scripting on a site also uses larger amounts of bandwidth. Server side code leads to the executions to be performed , this is what makes the website appear slow. The more you plan for your page to do on opening the longer the page will take to load. Whilst client side scripting doesn’t have this problem as its executed on the users system rather than on the web server in which everyone is using. The rule of sever side scripting is that it is only done when essential.

File Type

Bitmap is a way in which an image is created it’s called bitmap is small pixels which go together to form an image many people use this as they can do small details to images such as shading as there is a range of colour with it. Saving a bitmap image takes up a lot of space due to the fact it saves each pixel bit by bit. Paint uses bitmap this is why when you enlarge an image in paint it becomes pixelated. Bitmap includes things such as JPEG and GIF. GIF has a large colour palette that contains 256 colours. It’s mainly used for low colour images. JPEG has an even larger colour palette and is better for high coloured images. Both JPEG and GIF mean shading can be done to perfection as well as the detail on the image.

Bitmap is what is usually used in web pages as they are solidified by the graphical browser. Vector is much smaller in memory compared to bitmap as it saves images in chunks, it makes images with lines and shapes this makes the image more simple but when it comes to save it doesn’t take up much memory. Microsoft word uses vector this is why when you enlarge an image in word it doesn’t become pixelated. Vector is often used to create logos as logos often need to be re-sized. Also when vector saves an image with points or curves in it, it is saved as a mathematical equation. Vector is the best way to save your images as it takes up less capacity.


MP3 is a type of music in the way it is stored, its a good one to use because it doesn’t take up much space as its compressed and small. Its still a good way to store music and many people use mp3. Some may have heard of mp4, mp4 is for video. This is the best way to save your sound files as it takes up less capacity and many computers and mp3 players work with mp3. WAV is a type of file in which music is saved in, its large file size type of sound. Many ipods take WAV but it takes up alot of the ipods capacity. You may be able to get 150 WAV sounds on an 4gb but you could get 170 songs in MP3 on a 4gb. Therefore its advised to use MP3 over WAV.


AVI is a type of video.Its a windows based application and it doesn’t use up a lot of memory. It’s advised to use AVI instead of SWF as it takes up less memory. The fuller the memory the slower the system. SWF is another type in which you can save videos. Its a much larger file size. Continuous & Streaming has to be done to be able to watch something online. Buffering is when the computer has to remember what has been downloaded so that it’s able to play correctly.

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