Evaluating Business Communication Essay

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Evaluating Business Communication

This paper includes the perception of four communiqués. This type of perception is a description of whether these reports are accurate, ethical, and in the correct format. This paper gives a description of the form of leadership and the accuracy of the reports in this type of leadership.

When writing a business communiqué an individual has to consider several variables. The purpose, audience, and leadership type of the company has to be considered when reporting on a decision. This paper includes the review of the four communiqués and shows decisions on reports where or not they were accurate, and correct in the reporting styles used. Below is the breakdown of this opinion on the reports. In this paper, there are four communiqués that were reviewed which consisted of an e-mail, letter, formal report, and a memo. These reports conveyed that the acquisition in question should not proceed.

This report includes the reason for not continuing in all the reports, and the correct format of informal or formal was used in each. It is considered that the formal report to the company Chief Executive Officer was the correct format, but the letter, e-mail, and memo could have been replaceable for sending this information to the marketing manager, accounting peers, or sales manager. On the other hand, since these reports were written by the staff accountant and the accounting manager, it made each of these employees equal in position to the people they were corresponding with, therefore the informal report was correct. The reports could be improved by several ways. One way is to include the numbers of the operating expenses and sales that are mentioned, and the other would be an explanation of the phantom inventory that the staff accountant believes is being reported. This would be an important point to add. Statements of profits and losses are included, but there is no information to back the

information up. Thus, it would be very important to understand exactly what the accounting staff has found. Too little information is used in each of these reports. When writing these communiqués, it is believed that since the company employees use the democratic style leadership and most have helped with this decision, that the final decision for the recommendation will expectedly come with many recipients of these communiqués, so the way these reports are formatted is acceptable and does not represent a style different from the company style. Students also looked at ethical implications of sending this information through reports in the company.

This information is important and ethical to send, because these reports are for employees who are involved in the acquisition of the company. At the same time, each report must include the information has to be kept confidential within the company only. This could result in a lawsuit if the other company is affected and decides to find another buyer in the future. In conclusion, the reviewed communiqués were complete in the information that needed to be explained, did not have any information that was not necessary, and was in the correct format for each intended recipient.

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