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Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of reasoning as a way of knowing


And she got the most beautiful woman in the world, Helena from Sparta. Homer created probably the biggest poem that times “Iliad”, which gave a beginning for the world literature. Ancient Greeks had reason for creating this poem; you can find everything in Iliad: relationship between people, feelings and emotions, thoughts etc. Here, apple is a symbol of contention, it actually caused a Trojan War and it is objective, again apple was not a cause of the War, it’s a human who creates all the problems (Paris).

Despite on that, homer created really wise poem, which actually was fundamental for the literature.

Hence, it’s a positive effect of reasoning as a way of knowing. However, who makes the decision in order to be evaluated as a strong or weak side of reasoning as a way of knowing. Everyone knows, that childhood is the best time of human development, may be because in this time, we are just the way how we are, sincere, small nice creatures.

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Kid eating an apple, doesn’t really understand that it has 8% of vitamin C in it and that it is very useful for your health. Intuitively an individual, particularly kid knows that apple is good.

Another event is that person who gave an apple for example parent rationally knows that an apple is useful and it has a lot of vitamins inside and it useful for the organism of their own child. Here, reasoning is based on our previous knowledge from books, or biology lessons that apple is a good product.

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Another thing is that, for example in fairy tales Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs remember an episode when “… The queen masquerades as an old apple seller and attempts to poison Snowhite with an apple… ” In general apples are not poisonous, but people who had knowledge before and had some experience, put these traits on the objects.

As in this example, here apple became a weapon, though in life it is not, it is even used as good medicine from some illnesses. Hence, my conclusion will be, that objectively reasoning is the way of knowing, which helps to understand one thing (apple) in different contents. Only individual who read, will detect is it strength or weaknesses, he will think subjectively, and base his arguments on his own believes. Interesting, objects have their necessary traits, but we humans determine the effect of this object, and how it will be used.

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