Evaluate strategies used in health Essay

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Evaluate strategies used in health

Effects of alcohol/drugs with rehab/AA

To overcome the effects of alcohol/drugs barrier to communication, there are many types of organisations available. For example, rehab is a place where individual’s will slowly learn to give up drugs and adapt to clean blood in their body. There are classes such as AA classes which help individual’s clean alcohol from their system. Alcohol and drugs can sometimes affect how an individual speaks; therefore, they might need to stop drinking and smoking to make sure they are able to do so. Going to rehab and AA classes will help individuals very well. Rehab for alcoholics and drug addicts is very helpful as it clears the individual’s system of alcohol and drugs and gets them back on track with their lives.

If in individual does follow the rehabilitation programme then he/she will see that their life has more financial benefits, family life becomes better and they start seeing a difference within themselves mentally and physically. Rehab is a good strategy to help with overcoming communication issues. If an individual is beginning to notice a change with his/hers communication while drinking, then they will have to enter rehabilitation and clear themselves of the addiction. To improve I would say that sometimes individuals need more moral support, throughout their rehabilitation. Therefore I would suggest the centres allow the addicts to talk to others with the same addiction for better moral support.

Language needs/preferences strategy

Sometimes language can be a big barrier if an individual is by themselves in certain situations. There are many different types of methods which can be used to overcome the language barrier. Individuals can use a special dictionary which translates the word they need to say from the mother tongue to their new language. There are also recordings available for listening to use when the individual does not clearly understand the new language. Translators are also available to help those who have language as a communication barrier.

The language needs/preferences strategy is also good as it helps those who are willing/wanting to learn a new language with many resources. There are tools and other things available to help overcome the barrier of not knowing a particular language that is needed to be known. I would say that some individuals find it hard to look for specific words in dictionaries and will not understand which word is linked to which meaning. This needs to be improved, so individuals do not get overwhelmed or frustrated.

Assertiveness to overcome anger

Assertiveness is a type of skill which can be used by those individuals who find that anger is a big barrier to communicating effectively. When people begin to feel stressed, depressed or annoyed, they will tend to let their emotions out immediately. These can involve anger. Anger is a big barrier to communication as it can lead to relationships breaking. To control this some people develop the skill of assertion. This involves controlling the emotions which break relationships and start arguments. It involves a clear mental attitude, wherein the individual will try to discuss the situation and deal with it. Assertion is a very sensible skill to develop if you work in the health and social care sector.

It will definitely help deal with any issues that arise from service users or peers. In order to over-come the barrier of anger, developing assertiveness will certainly help. Being assertive will definitely help as it will decrease the amount of anger that an individual will have as a barrier to communication. It is a good skill to adapt to as it will benefit individuals for the future. For some individuals being assertive is a good aspect to maintain, however for an overly aggressive person it will be hard for them to grasp the concept of being assertive. For this reason to improve this strategy I would say to go through a slow pace when beginning to become assertive.

Defusing aggression and staying confident

Stress occurs a lot in the health and social care sector. Stress can lead to many other types of symptoms and illnesses, such as aggression or a mixture of emotions. Aggression can sometimes come from frustration, with the service provided or any other cause. Individuals must learn to overcome their aggression. Developing a calmer attitude towards any frustrations will help overcome any type of anger. Aggression might threaten care workers; however it can also cause a withdrawal attitude from the service user towards the care worker.

Defusing aggression and staying confident is yet another good strategy as it presents an individual of being very impressive and striking. Defusing anger and showing confidence is a very professional aspect to maintain as it helps in all areas of health and social care work. For example if an individual is being told off for doing something wrong, defusing ones anger and staying confident will get them out of trouble and keep them positive. Defusing anger is not always the best thing to do for some people as it could lead to stress/depression, therefore an improvement could be to sort out any confusion/anger issues before carrying on with any work, ect.

Interpreters, translators and signers

An interpreter is a person who communicates meaning from one language to another. This includes interpreting between spoken and sign language, such as English and BSL. When an interpreter works with people they immediately become a part of a communication cycle with that person. Translators are individuals who change a recorded material from one language to another. Translating involves communicating between different languages. Interpreters and translators have to grasp the meaning of a message and find a way of expressing it in a different type of language system. This is not very simple even for the professional and best translators. Interpreters can be professional people or even a friend or family member who can translate the sentence/ phrase said into another language.

These people are able to explain messages in different circumstances. This is a very good strategy as it benefits others as well as the individual who is translating. Translating is very helpful for those who cannot speak a certain language. In today’s society many individuals use translators to assist them in important activities/meetings. It is a good strategy to use to overcome barriers to communication. It could be improved a lot. For example some translators do not always know the several meanings which come with certain words. Some translators need to be certified just to ensure the individual needing help that, they are really translators and they know how to professionally translate majority of words.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are electronic devices with very small microphones that pick up and increase the volume of sound received by a person. Hearing aids will often make sounds in the background much louder and clearer to hear. Due to this wearing a hearing aid will not be that helpful as you might not be able to hear anything else a part from the background noise. Hearing aids are very helpful to those unfortunate individuals who are not able to clearly/not at all hear any noises or sounds. Hearing aids amplify the sounds for individuals, which need to be heard the most. However some hearing aids do not always work to their best of ability. For this reason, the sounds/ noises which need to be heard the most importantly cannot be heard due to technical issues which come with the hearing aid itself.

Voice activated software

Voice activated software is a simple type of software which simply uses an individual’s voice to activate or perform a task or instruction given to a computer. This software comes in many different types such as the speech recognition software which allows individuals to say their message and then it be typed out on their computer/phone. Voice activated software is also a good software as it helps individuals who are not able to physically type or have disabilities speak for them. Voice activated software is really good as it very much benefits individuals who are less able to perform the simplest tasks, such as typing. To improve some of the softwares cannot always pick up the voices as clearly, therefore the software should be able to pick up voices clearly without any vocal strain. For example speaking louder.

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