Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others

?Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others Personal development is very significant as this builds and helps individuals to achieve their goals, the individual can do this by working to their full potential and as well as set themselves achievable targets that they can achieve by using their potential. Personal and professional development is about the way the individual progresses and develops in a personal professional way. In all career an employer examines this by the employee manger to know and see how she or he has developed in a professional way.

An Individual who’s in their last year of college can do this unit personal and professional development. This is good unit as it helps the individual to identify their strengths and weakness and it also helps to improve theses weaknesses. If an individual is not yet aware of their strengths and weakness they will struggle to set themselves goals and achieve what they can to their full potential.

An example of this is that in this unit, the individual look at many things such as influences on their studies, performance action plan, researching about theorists like Kolb learning cycle.

Also Honey and Mumford and figuring out what type of learner the individual is, for example reflector, activist, pragmatists and theorists. They are a lot of things which can influence individual’s personal and professional development. Examples of this are role models, motivation, experiences in the past, time management, planning and setting goals. An individual develops in different ways as comes across different personal learning experiences.

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The first and the major influence is motivation . This influence individual’s personal and professional development. Motivation is what drives someone to do something.

It is the underlying reason for why people do what they do. A famous quote from zig ziglar “of course is not permanent but then, neither is bathing, but is something you should do on regular basis”. This quote by American author who’s believes that motivation doesn’t last long but to succeed in life an individual needs to be motivated and keep it their mind at regular basis in order to do well. Past experiences are second influence which may affect individual’s personal and professional development. Past experience is experience which has occurred in past in individual life.

This can from time to time stop an individual from personal learning and professional development. Every individual has got a past experience that may affect them from doing their full potential and from time to time this may be an obstacle. In phycology a study which was done which I will explain is Pavlov (Classical conditiontioning). What Pavlov found out that there is a human behaviour is learnt through different reflex responses and many stimulus for example unconditioned stimulus unconditional response, conditioned response and conditioned stimulus.

An individual will use their past experience by using classical conditioning. For example an individual has been finding it tough find a job and this is since they haven’t got any qualification as they did not take education serous. At late stage of their individual has learnt is that in order to get good job. They will go back to college and try their best to achieve a good that they can get the qualifications which they need. I am now going to apply classical conditioning, Unconditional response: Is the individual is finding it difficult to get a job because they don’t have no qualification.

Unconditioned stimulus: The conditioned response is because they never took secondary school and college serious they are suffering the consequence because they are unable to find a job. Conditioned response: The conditioned response is she is going to back to college and take it serious. Conditioned stimulus: The conditioned stimulus is this individual will remember every time what has happened to them in the past when they haven’t taken The influence that I will looking at which affects individuals personal learning development is role models.

Role model is somebody who an individual look up to or someone that has inspired an individuals in their life. When an individual has role models they can great effect on an individual personal learning and development because people look up to others and do what they doing. For example a when a student has no interest for their college. But what this individual has that other individuals are doing their work and less stress. This individual may change in a very positive way by realising what other students are doing role models.

An American psychologist had done a study which describes the social learning theory which as observational learning. He explained his theory by putting a giant bobo doll in a room with a child and an adult. During the experiment the adult would violently punch the bob doll, once the adult stop hitting the doll; he realised that the child in the same room as the adult would do the same t thing as the adult done to the bobo doll. This is observational learning and this is because the child witnessed a negative behaviour form seeing the adult.

This psychologist has shown that do look at role models Time management is also a great influence on personal learning and development of other individuals. This is because everyone tracks the time in order to do most things work and college, work even sleeping this is clear example which that most things in life, if not all are timed. For example drake a Canada artist said” Better late than never, but never late is better”. This quote reflects the important of time keeping life.

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Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others
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