Evaluate how a selected business uses e-business Essay

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Evaluate how a selected business uses e-business

Evaluate how successful a selected business organisation has been in preparing for the growing use of e-business. In this report the business I have chosen to evaluate is Tesco’s. Tesco’s is one of the largest supermarket stores around the world; it has 330,000 staff working in 3,146 stores, there are stores located in China, Turkey and Japan. Research shows that they have stores in 9 other different countries and 27 million people outside of the UK own their own club card to receive offers and discounts from Tesco’s. They sell a range of different products to suit customer’s needs. The products range from food and groceries, their own clothing brand F&F, their own mobile phone network, and also have personal banking. Tesco’s are all about making their customers happy by offering them services which can be very useful, including bank loans. There slogan ‘Every little helps’ is not just a slogan but is one of their aims, they want to make sure all products that they sell are at a reasonable price to meet customer’s needs.

Tesco’s was originally set up as a store but opened up an online website to make it easier for customers who are unable to visit the stores, this could be due to working hours. The online website offers all products which are available in stores; they offer a delivery service and a pickup service for customers. There are strategies which Tesco’s have used to develop their E-Business, one being making a 24 hour global presence. Tesco’s online website is 24 hours; because they don’t only sell to customers in the UK they sell to customers around the world. It is important for them to have a 24 hour website for the customers in different time zones to the UK. Having a 24 hour website can benefit both customers and Tesco’s because customers who have all day jobs may not have time to make an order online during the day, having a 24 website can help them because they are then able to purchase products at night. Another strategy that Tesco’s have is; communicating with customers.

Tesco’s are able to communicate with customers using the Internet and technology, they can email customers about new products they have and the products that customers have ordered to confirm their delivery. Tesco’s also use E-Marketing remixes to help develop their E-Business. E-Marketing is how the website looks in order to sell your products and services, to make it easier for customers to buy products online Tesco’s have made the website easy for all people to use. They have a previous buy items page for customers when they sign in so they can see what they brought on their last delivery to make it easier and faster to choose what to buy. To keep up with trends and technology Tesco’s change the design of their website a couple of times a year, this is to ensure that the website always stays easy for customers to use because technology is changing constantly Tesco’s need to keep up. They have made a mobile phone website so customers are able to buy products online using their mobile where ever they are.

In order to maintain a business effectively it needs to be successful, Tesco’s have been one of the most successful companies’ worldwide selling products and opening stores in 12 different countries. Research shows that Tesco’s profits are getting higher and higher as they are developing into their new E-Business. There are many ways to now access Tesco’s which is making it easier for customers to buy from them. The Daily Mail states that Tesco’s are earning a £105 profit each second. Other research shows that sales for Tesco’s have made it to £10 million per week for Tesco’s online. This shows that Tesco’s is running a very effective and successful business as their profits are getting higher each year.

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