Euthanasia Should be Allowed

Imagine being trapped in a diseased body where the disease is terminal. Across the globe there are thousands of people who live completely trapped in a diseased body with no quality of life, and merely just exist. These diseases consist of cancer, auto immune disorders, dementia, and others. In every state across the country euthanasia should be legalized and permitted. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering an incurable and painful disease. It can also be defined as a gentle and easy death.

Nobody should have to endure a painful and agonizing death because of an illness or disease they have no control over.

Euthanasia is different from physician assisted suicide. Euthanasia is performed by the physician while physician assisted suicide is administered by the patient themselves at whatever time they choose (Euthanasia, 2016). With proper regulation and implementation of laws, this is something that could change the world for the better. The Netherlands already approves both euthanasia and physician assisted suicide and they have for several years.

They were both legalized April of 2002 (Ars & Montero, 2004). All humans should have the right to die with dignity by means of euthanasia if they decide to do so. People should be allowed to make all decisions regarding their healthcare. They should have the right to live and the right to end their lives on their terms.

Death with dignity allows people to end their lives on their own terms. If one had a terminal disease and knew the disease would end up taking their life and they didn’t want to go through the agonizing process of trying to die.

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They should be able to at least have options of what they can do. If they end up deciding they went to end their life sooner and end their life before the death process gets bad, then they should have the right to die and the right to die with dignity.

Euthanasia and suicide are not the same. Suicide is ending your life separate from terminal illness and endless suffering. The people who killed themselves in history, probably wouldn’t have done that if they had euthanasia offered to them and had another option. The difference here is regulation. Regulation is the foundational difference in this matter. The surrounding circumstances make all the difference. For example, a murder is a thoughtless, selfish act carried out by one person to take the life of another, yet, a police officer shooting to kill an active shooter, is heroic. So because of this difference, people who are suffering from a terminal illness should not be forced into a tragic ending such as shooting themselves to end their life. They have suffered enough and deserve to have the option to end their life, peacefully, and on their own terms.

Nationwide there will be a positive impact if euthanasia is allowed in all fifty states. Studies have shown the families and friends of patients who died by means of euthanasia, had fewer grief symptoms and post-traumatic stress after the death than those of a patient who experienced a death by natural means (Swarte, Lee, Bom, Bout, & Heintz, 2003). Seeing a loved one suffer a painful agonizing death can cause further problems for family members, which is a ripple effect on the community in terms of people living with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Family members will also miss less work, and perform better at their jobs, if they are not in the process of watching their loved ones slowly suffer until death.

I feel that euthanasia should absolutely be allowed across the country. The benefits of this reformation would allow patients to die with dignity and give people who are suffering with an incurable disease a chance to end their life on their own terms. Between euthanasia and physician assisted suicide it is legal among “twenty-eight countries from Australia to Uruguay” (Euthanasia 2016). In the broad scheme of things, it allows patients to oversee how they want to end their life when they’ve been given no choice but to either suffer or kill themselves by suicide.

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