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Should Euthanasia be legal in Scotland?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1021 words)
Categories: Euthanasia
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People should have the right to control and choose whether they die or not. However I think they should be in a mentally fit state to do so. If they only have a couple of months to live and can feel the pain if they aren’t injected day after day, then I think they should be given the chance to make decisions for themselves. It is after all their life, it belongs to them and the only judge the only decision maker should be the person themselves.

I think being given the gift of life is a wonderful thing but being forced to live spoils what should be a joyful and knowledgeable experience of growing.

If people are given millions of choices in life why should they be denied the choice of death? Death is not a bad thing. It can be helpful to those who need it those who are suffering each day, and waiting for death to come to them.

I think people often this of death as bad and evil because life is intrinsically valuable. Therefore to end it at the wrong time would be unthinkably evil in the eyes of almost all of society, people need to realize that although it’s not an appealing thought medical science has reached a stage when accurate measurements can be made about when someone is going to die.

This decreases the chances of miscalculations. A lot of people who oppose euthanasia say “Good pain control makes euthanasia unnecessary. ” However I feel pain control may block the pain but it will leave the patient a ‘zombie’. People need to understand that although the pain can be stopped for a certain period of time it will never leave the patient. If the patient wishes to die and is in a mentally fit state to make decisions then I think they should be able to. Nevertheless I believe doctors and nurses should make sure the patient is not depressed.

As people often go through stages when they feel insecure and miserable, when they feel death is their only option out. On the other hand people may disagree with me because they think if the pain is stopped then the feeling of being terminally ill is lost, it’s gone, it’s forgotten. They will argue that if the right drugs are used a patient will get better even if they have a “terminal illness”. Human beings should never be killed. This is a statement that has never fit into perspective for me. Innocent Humans are killed all over the world every single day.

Still governments have never stopped these immoral things. These people never wanted to die. Yet when it comes to Humans who are terminally ill and want to die, they won’t allow it. I agree that life is a gift and should be lived to the full. But people who cannot enjoy their lives should have the right to end them. One case that demonstrates the pattern clearly, would be that of Margo MacDonald. Margo MacDonald has Parkinson’s disease. With the support followers she gained from travelling around the country she drew up a bill (End of Life Choices) and put it forward at a Scottish Parliament Debate (she is an SMP).

However even with all the media coverage and supporters of the bill behind it the Government shot down the idea with a majority of 85 against to 16 for and with the absence of a party whip this was the MSP’s own choice. I think that Margo Macdonald’s Bill should have been passed or at least for the MSP’s to apply for changes to be made to it. The fact of the matter is if someone really wants to die it may not be legal to perform Euthanasia here but the person could simply go to Holland to have it performed.

The government showed us by not passing this bill that not only do they feel that people shouldn’t have control over whether or not we have the right to die but in not trying to find a solution to the problem are perfectly happy to allow TERMINALLY ILL people on an aircraft to fly to a foreign country to die there. This could only cause stress like all airport visits also I wouldn’t like to die in a foreign country I’d like to do it in my own home with my family there to say goodbye to me so that when I die I’m as peaceful as I can be and leave good memories to all my family.

So finally I would like to conclude. Euthanasia (in Scotland & Indeed the whole world) should be legalized. I do feel that The Scottish Government were wrong with their decision to vote against the “End of life choices bill (Scotland). If carried out carefully and properly it will end the suffering of thousands of people. People all over the world are terminally ill. Some consider suicide others consider it strongly then some don’t consider it at all.

Whatever the situation of the person is, I believe they should have the choice to do as they wish. Indeed we should never force people into something they don’t want to do, but if they want to die can we force them out of what they want? Who gives anyone the right to decide whether a person who is terminally ill can die or not? No one should have that right. People who believe in Euthanasia wouldn’t go around killing people who are terminally ill, so why is it people who don’t believe in Euthanasia can stop people who wish to die?

Finally Euthanasia cannot be classed as murder it shows a high level of confusion in society if they can’t see the difference between mercy killing and murder, nobody wants to be murdered that’s why it’s called murder and is a crime. However Euthanasia can only be carried out under strict guidelines and multiple consent forms filed out by patients, two independent psychiatrists, your GP and family members, Euthanasia is when someone wants to die and they need to die to stop them suffering.

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