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We live in a society where human values are our prime concerns. We are taught to save one’s life and we are granted individual rights and freedom. Relieving people’s pain, giving them back the quality of life, restoring their dignity and giving back the control on life to the people is far better than the fatal injections or other ways of “euthanasia” which is termed as mercy killing in many countries. Till there is life in one’s body, there is hope for the person to recover from the present condition of illness. Doctors take the oath to save life of patients at any cost and they should stick to it.

Law has minimized the use of eath penalty even. So legal grant to terminate one’s life just because he is in pain and the doctors are of the opinion that he cannot be cured, is not right. There have been lots of cases where doctors have failed and the will power of the patient has cured him and he has lived many years too. However the literal meaning of “euthanasia” in Ancient Greek is “good death” and this is referred to such death, which is painless and assisted by a physician especially for patients who have no hope in life.

Different people have various views regarding euthanasia where some call it murderous the other group, call it merciful. The point is that it also depends upon the situation, illness of the patient and the method chosen for mercy killing. If ever there is such kind of situation, the first and the foremost thing is that it should be done with the consent of the patient or if he/she is unable to respond then that of the nearest person.

There are many reasons behind people with desire to kill like those who are suffering from severe depression, due to poverty are not able to afford pain-killing medicines, some people suffer from terminal illness and they don’t want to spent more oney on their medication, some are not able to move their body and need full time assistance and there are some people who want to end their life but don’t have courage to commit suicide on their own and want assistance from a physician.

So there are many reasons and no one can judge whether the reason is acceptable or not because the tolerance power of every individual varies. As far as law is concerned there are some states like Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Thailand and the U. S. state Oregon that allow some form of euthanasia. There have been a lot of debates going on this issue and some treat this right hile others are of the opinion that until the patient is breathing there is hope for life.

Both the groups have their arguments to support their point of view and it is not advisable at the moment to comment on any of the decision. Some people find euthanasia as an act against morality, which is quite right sometimes but in certain cases providing death would be more relieving for the patient. But this is the last option and should be completely avoided if possible. Especially if the family members are not convinced with euthanasia and want to spend as much time as ossible with their loved ones before death then this should not be granted.

The first thing is to get the consent of the patient and their near and dear ones. However mercy killing has been in practice since time immemorial, legally or just because one is unable to bear the physical or mental pain of the patient does not matter. Euthanasia for animals is in practice almost everywhere in the world but because humans weigh this kind of act on religious or moral issues it becomes difficult to give any decision.

Doctors and medical professionals get the training to save and preserve life, not to nd it just because the patient desires so. The relationship of a patient with the doctor is that in any case the doctor is going to save his life so in that case if euthanasia is legalized the question arises that the doctor-patient relationship might come under controversy. If a doctor were given the license to kill most of the people would not trust that doctor and would definitely hesitate to take any seriously ill patient to that doctor.

Even the patient who might be willing to live would come under pressure, which could be hazardous too. Also when a patient is seriously ill it is quite possible that for some period of time he hinks that it would be better to die than to suffer such pain. But is it exactly what he wants? Or it is just due to the illness that the state of his mind asks for relief at any cost. The duty of the doctor here is to provide hope and desire to live in the patient and this has worked various times.

So, it is not just mercy killing but most of the time there is seen that a lot of lives are attached to one life and if physician-assisted suicide is approved then it might affect all those lives in future. It is very difficult to decide whether euthanasia (human) should e granted legally because every case is to be treated as an individual one and the issues discussed separately. Technically euthanasia is illegal everywhere but court gives permission in certain cases considering the circumstances and conditions of the patient.

Then there are lots of cases of euthanasia in the world that are never reported of which some might have been not very authentic also. If euthanasia is given legal permission then the faith of people on medical profession will be questionable. This is the reason why religious and medical ethics don’t grant permission for euthanasia for humans. So whatever be the religion of people in this world, ethics of life and medical profession does not give authorization to euthanasia just because the patient is pleading for that.

The patient in a state of mind may ask for death but the other moment he might find meaning in his life and would like to live till his natural death. So I am not supportive of euthanasia because until there is life in someone’s body there is hope. There have been many cases in which the patient after a long and terminal illness gets well and leads a near to normal life. So one must not give up hope and fight with death till the last breath.

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