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Eurotechnologies Inc

BATNA: The city of Tamarack will give a 25% tax incentive to Twin Lakes Mining Company if the company agrees to construct paved roads and restore the consumed mines area. The city of Tamarack will agree to maintain the roads during the winter season. |

Reservation: The city of Tamarack will construct pave roads if Twin Lakes Mining Company agrees to maintain the roads and restore the tourist areas. | Walk away: Construction of dirt roads and restoration of the land near the tourist locations. |


On behalf of the city of Tamarack, I would like to negotiate a solution to find a common ground on which we can agree on how the roads will be paved, who will maintain the roads, who will restore the consumed mines and a potential tax break for Twin Lakes Mining Company.

Twin lakes mining company(hereafter known as company)makes significant contribution to tamarack,Minnesota—employing 60% of resident,providing 33% of the city realestate tax base—and is considered an integral entity to the town’s longevity.The city needs Twin Lakes Mining Company to maintain the Current city of tamarack .

4. Government

Twin Lakes Mining Company’s operates on a zero deficit city of tamarack nnum decree. Lake mining company has directly caused some problems,such as the need for improvement concerning water quality,air quality,and effluvia and pollution management。The city also relies upon the heave property economiy to provide economic,culture and recreation services to the government community。Twin Lakes Mining Company does not lead the city of tamarack to continue operation in other locations improvement as a corporate entity.

5. Company

Our company recognizes the urgency from the city to deal with water quality,air quality and road maintenance,escalating demands ,and the overall climate of the industry accompanied by the financial limitations placed by city of tamarack office。Based on this knowledge,the following lists embody the issue and objectives to be addressed during the negotiation period。

Issue :

Our company treatment plan——the city economy projected growth over the next few years will require an additional water source,company must address clean up issue for basic requirement and co-existence with city。 Bond issue——assuming ??Million bond would tie company to city Taxes——company is paying too much in taxes,considering them unfair in structure and amount,and is unacceptable Road —Construct paved roads with funds from Twin Lakes Mining Company and restore land near tourist resort areas. | Target: A 25% tax break for Twin Lakes Mining Company in exchange for paved roads and restoring land near tourist areas. |—

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