European settling in America Essay

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European settling in America

The discovery of the Americas was one of the biggest events in history. But some tend to look over the fact that the discovery of the Americas led also to the discovery of Native American groups who were already settled here. So did the Europeans really have the right to settle in the Americas? The Europeans had every right to settle in the Americas. They had this right because no nation or form of government had been established here. If a nation or government had been established, then it would be a different story. The problem with the Native Americans was that they were so sparsely spread out around the Americas.

If they had all been in one large area things possibly could have gone better for them than they did. The Europeans did have every right to settle in the Americas, but they had absolutely no right to dispossess Indians of their land. The Indians had settled here years and years before the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans. The Indians had somehow ventured over to the Americas, just as the Europeans had done, and made a home here. Europeans had no right to take that away from them. The Europeans should have been more compassionate towards the Native Americans.

They should have respected the fact that they had settled here first, but human pride got in the way and they wanted what they couldn’t have. The Europeans lied, cheated , and stole from the Indians making for a very confrontational accommodation. This is not the way they should have gone about this. Many things could have been done to aid in a more peaceful accommodation. First and foremost, the Europeans could have settled anywhere else in the Americas, whereas it is very large with plenty of land. If they really wanted the specific land the Indians were on they could have coincided with them.

They could have lived in peace amongst each other. The two cultures could teach other new things, and help one another. If this still didn’t work, the Europeans could have peacefully negotiated with the Indians, no violence or deceit involved. Sadly, the Europeans hearts weren’t in the right place when they came across the Indians, and most of the Europeans wanted the Indians gone or exterminated. As Christians, we are supposed to help others and be compassionate. Had the Europeans approached the Indians with this mindset things could have been done more peacefully between the two cultures.

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