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FAQ about Europe

What effects did World War I have on social classes?
...Whilst it would be unwise or unfair to suggest that World War I was wholly responsible for all of the changes to the social scenery of Europe and the rest of the world it undoubtedly brought many issues to a head. In Ireland, for example, Nationalist...
What were the causes and long-term political effects of the Protestant Reformation?
...• England also took control of India and Hong Kong during this period of expansion. By the beginning of WWI, England had an empire which stretched across every continent in the world. Vast amounts of natural resources were extracted from these colo...
Why did tension increase in Europe from 1900 to 1914?
...Overall, the tensions in Europe were steadily increasing and it can be said that after 1912, the outbreak of war was almost certain and it would have taken a miracle to stop it. There was six countries all intertwined in alliances and treaties and si...

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