Europe Essay Topics

Northern Ireland

Ireland is a country on an island in the east part of the North Atlantic Ocean and on the western fringe of Europe. (Anonymous 2006d) The country’s history is shard with Ireland as most of the migrating scouts are from there. The same with Denmark, Northern Ireland is still part of the minority with respect… View Article

The Baltic states of of Estonia

The Baltic states of of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, apart from perhaps being regarded as the geographical center of Europe, is also to be recognized for its lush expanse of forests and greenery. Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians take enormous and unfaltering pride and love for their forests and the magnificent trees which comprise them. But… View Article

Moving away from hatred

“On Saturday in the Serbian Town of Cacak (which is located in the Western-Central part of the country), fans of the local team Borac Cacak were conducting racial chants and wearing KKK attire aimed at one Mike Tamwanera. Usually when you have fans chanting or hissing at a player he usually plays for another team,… View Article

European Commission’s Approach towards the Article 81 EC

Introduction The objective of Article 81 is to limit restrictive agreements and other modes of complicity between independent firms in horizontal as well as vertical relationships[1]. Some instances of such prohibited practices are, “price fixing; limiting or controlling production, markets, technical development or investment; sharing markets or sources of supply; applying dissimilar conditions to equivalent… View Article

EC Defense

Introduction Public security of Member States has long been on the agenda of the EC, which has culminated in the establishment of a European Defence Market to “support the Council and the Member States in their effort to improve the EU’s defence capabilities in the area of crisis management and to further The European Security… View Article

Europeanization Case

INTRODUCTION A number of related phenomena and changing patterns have been referred as Europeanization by many experts and professionals in their different studies and researches in this field. Outside of the social sciences, when a European continental identity grows, it is commonly referred as the definition of the Europeanization.             In this case, national identities,… View Article

European Integration

      Living and tolerating one another is one of the problems that is being faced in this world most especially when it comes to the issue of ethnicity, nationality e.t.c . This has really caused a problem when talking about economic social class transcending blood ties.       It is in view of this that the… View Article

Europe vs. the United States of America

Executive summary             The time of the masses when individuals were forced to all think alike has long set. The contemporary period makes significant efforts to encourage individuality and diversity of opinions among society members. This generally leads to major differences in lifestyle, regarding basically all moments of live from the act of being born… View Article

Europe and Turkey

Discussions about Euro-Turkish relations today would normally hover around Turkey’s application for membership to the European Union which has been pending since the mid 1900s.  Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country situated in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, has been an associate member of the European Community (the forerunner of the European Union) since 1964, but… View Article

Europe’s Regions Demand `Power-Sharing` over GMO Crop Decision

One of the issues being faced by the food and health authorities not only in Europe but worldwide is related to Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs.  The discovery of Genetically Modified Organisms has created enough waves not only in the scientific but also in the trade and social dynamics in the present era.  It had… View Article

European Community

Article 3 of the Treaty of Rome 1957, specifies in respect of the European Community that, “the activities of the Community shall include … a policy in the sphere of development cooperation”. The objective of this developmental cooperation is to include the sustainable economic and social development of developing countries and thereby bring about the… View Article

European Integration

Introduction Social categorization structures the social interaction structure among the different groups. It is a process by which individuals differentiate between two categories: the first one is ingroup (race) to which individuals belong and identify themselves and other outgroup (nationality) which give them a social identity and they identify themselves with this group. The individual… View Article

The Invasions of Europe

On the later stage of the dark ages or the Middle Ages, Europe experienced loses from barbaric attacks by Vikings, Magyars and Moslem invaders which ranged from early 9th century up to 11th century. These invasions had made Roman Empire lost most of its land area as well as the trust of people to the… View Article

Our Nightlife: Difference Between Europe and Hong Kong

Introduction Student life is considered as one of the major steps in life. It is the time when young people start enjoying their autonomy and experience a lot a various activities. In Europe, going out at night is seen as a must do, an actual part of the whole student life and a sign of… View Article

The Role and Growth of NATO

From Thucydides onward, moral philosophers, students of international politics, statesmen, and policy makers have been preoccupied and very often troubled by the role of morality in international politics. There has often been a tendency, in the discourse on political morality and the ethical conduct of statecraft, to alternatively exaggerate or deprecate the influence of morality… View Article

Jews in Eastern Europe

In Medieval Europe, Christianity was considered above Judaism. Its influence could be felt in almost every aspect of European life. Although the Christian church had its origin from the Jewish religion, Jews were harshly persecuted. Many Jews were forced to adopt Christianity and to a minor degree, practice their faith with limitations. Thus, the history… View Article

Theories Of European Integration

Integration is a process where decision making occurs jointly in various domains. The domains are geographical, a functional scope and at an institutional capacity. The process of integration according to literature occurs in four major ways which include functional spill-over, side-payments and log rolling, actor socialization and feedback (Laursen, 2002, pp1) . Fun spillover has… View Article

Wine War

What changes in global industry and competitive dynamics led france and traditional producers to lose market share to challengers from Autrala, United States, and other New World countries in the late twentieth century? All over the ages, European countries were alone on the world wine market. They have a great heritage in production and are… View Article

Treaty of Versailles

The Members of the League recognize that the maintenance of peace requires the reduction of national armaments to the lowest point consistent with national safety and the enforcement by common action of international obligations.The Council, taking account of the geographical situation and circumstances of each State, shall formulate plans for such reduction for the consideration… View Article

European History

A series of Congress’ and Conferences impacted the political and cultural dealings within Europe. However, it was not necessarily the meetings themselves that drew political conflict, but rather the re- charting of territories that eventually led to conflict, and which even today still garners a small amount of sectional tension. The Congress of Vienna was… View Article

Europe After A Century: From 1774 to 1848

Time changes things. That is a fact and the changes are more pronounced especially after the passage of one hundred years. The land experiences geological changes and its people are transformed as knowledge increases through observation, other forms of learning as well as interaction with other people groups having different culture and outlook in life…. View Article

Europe in World History

Early Modern Europe is the term used to refer to a part of the history of Europe which began in 1648 following the last days of the Treaty of Westphalia and Thirty Years War. The war started due to some religious reasons. On the other hand, during the course of war, the battle focused on… View Article

Views of Women in Early Modern Europe

Femininity is often referred to as the unique qualities that can be attributed to the female gender. It can be said to be a model, or even a cast to which all women are based upon. Such characteristics range from beauty, grace, poise, gentleness, weakness, birth and motherhood to a range of other possible definitions… View Article

Columbian Exhange Notes/ Study Guide

The Columbian Exchange brought profound changes to both the Old World and the New. Agriculture was transformed through the introduction of new plants and animals in both directions. Health and population levels were affected, often in catastrophic ways, by the exchange of diseases. Culture and history were transformed by the introduction of new technologies, which… View Article

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus has been commemorated in hundreds of thousands of ways across North and South America. He has roads named in his honor, towns, structures and even America’s capital! Is Columbus truly deserving of these admirations though? After all, he did discover the land that we inhabit today so how could anybody have any issues… View Article

Impact of the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian exchange is the exchange of goods from the New world to the Old world and vice versa. The new world included Europe, Africa, Asia and the new world was known as The Americas. Things that were traded during this time were tomatoes, apples, potatoes, cacao, corn from the New world to Old world…. View Article

Ruth Kapp Hartz-An Undeserved Life

Introduction “No one must see me.” I am Ruth Kapp Hartz a survivor of the Holocaust. Although some might know me as Renee. I was given the French name Renee Caper to disguise myself of being Jewish. From the time I was four years old, I lived as a fugitive, hiding in neighbors’ cellars. My… View Article

TEMSA: A Time of Crisis

TEMSA is a subsidiary of the Sabancı Holding , one of the largest industrial and commercial conglomerates in Turkey. TEMSA was founded in 1968 to operate in the steel construction industry. In 1977 Sabancı Holding acquired full ownership of the company in order to move into automotive and construction equipment sector. Distributorship and Manufacturing License… View Article

Were the dark ages really so dark?

It was first used when people began to see a contrast between the brilliance of Europe during the time of Roman Empire, the “light” period, and the sudden deterioration during the centuries after the collapse of Rome. Throughout the time of Roman occupation in Europe, the European economy and culture were thriving. However, when the… View Article

Ancient Greek: Influential to Western Civilization

Ancient Greeks made many influential contributions to Western civilization such as fine arts, democracy, and philosophy. This culture has had a very profound impact on the way people live today. Among the many aspects of Greek culture that have influenced Western Civilization, the most notable would be philosophy. Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato are some of… View Article