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Discuss the importance of business and dining etiquette for international/global business students for their career success. Etiquette is a kind of rules that apply to social communications, professional workplaces and other important areas. In today’s business environment, proper business etiquette is a kind of business skills, which makes us stand out from others and makes a good impression to others, enhance our opportunities to be success (Sheahan, K. , 2013, para. 1) Proper business etiquette can help us to make a good impression during our job interviews.

In a business environment, interviewers are more likely to be attracted by the interviewees who show good professional skills. Using proper business etiquette when we participate in a job interview can make a good impression to the interviewer, this increases our opportunity to be hired. For an instant, an interviewee who attends an interview on time, with proper wear, bring a pen to be in case, make more eye contact and understand the proper time to be the turn to speak has more chances of impressing the interviewer than the interviewee who is late or always talking without listening.

These interviewees act good etiquette can make interviewers believe they are respected, professional and serious. Good business etiquette can promote our careers in the future (Sheahan, K. , 2013, para. 3). There is no doubt that the networking is significant for today’s business success, and etiquette is one of the key ways to build good relationships with others, so that our personal network could be expanded positively.

There are number of business etiquette rules we should follow during our daily business activities, such as hand shaking, eye contact, and listen to others. And also dining business is very common in today, business dining etiquette is a kind of common business etiquette. If we do not understand the dining etiquette we may easily hurt our business relationship, so follow the dining etiquette is as important as daily face-to-face business etiquette (Hickman, K. , 2011, p90).

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