Ethos Pathos Logos Essay

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Ethos Pathos Logos

A positive Ethos can be created

The inner character

The outward manifestations

Aristote’s classic plan to create persuasive argument

1- Deliver a story
2- Pose a problem
3- Offer a solution
4- Describe specific benefits for adopting the course of action set forth in your solution 5- State a call to action. For Steve Jobs, it’s as simple as saying « Now go out and buy one »

Quotations :

Base-line = slogan

Mission statement :
-Defines a company’s basic business and purpose
-Ensures employees and all stakeholders are pointed in the same direction.

Example : « Bringing the best to everyone we touch ». By « the best », we mean the best beauty products. The best people and the best ideas. These three pillars remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.

How do I write one ?

-Defining what you do
-Identifying the core products or services
-Determining your value proposition

The vision is what the company wants to become. A vivid and clear description of a bright future.

Expresses aspirations
Describes an inspiring new reality, achievable in a reasonable timeframe

Guides internal actions
Usually starts with the words « to become » or « to create »

How do I write one ?

-Decide what the company wants to become
-Establish the critical success factors in the marketplace
-Identify strenghts and weaknesses
-Clarify the company’s opportunities and threats

Pepsi Co Vision

Group assignement

-Continuous assesment mark
-Invent a service and write the vision and mission statements, strategic objectives and baseline for a 5 minute group Powerpoint presentation next week. Vision statement starts with :
To be/ become/ create

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