Essays on Ethnography

The use of ethnographic analogy
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How have ethnographic analogies have been used in the interpretation of Prehistoric exchange systems? Illustrate your answer with ethnographic and archaeological examples. The use of ethnographic analogy as a method of archaeological interpretation has been the subject of debates in the discipline, ranging from attempts to change the theoretical framework of analogical interpretation, to dismissing the method altogether. This essay starts by defining the terms ‘ethnography’ and ‘ethnographic analogy’. The focus of the essay The focus of the remainder of…...
The Dobe Ju/’Hoansi native tribe history
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Introduction Commonly referred to as Bushmen by the general public and thought of as being harsh wild people that live in the “unlivable” Kalahari Desert. The Ju /’hoansi tribe native to the southern African desert, located along the border of Namibia and Botswana, have been misunderstood and stereotyped for a long time. This is until a man by the name of Richard B. Lee came along and wrote an ethnography about the local systems of the Ju and completely changed…...
The book, return to Laughter
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  This idea also directly supports Jackson’s idea of liminality and the understanding that ethnographies place anthropologists in a constant “betwixt and between” state (Van Maanen 1995: 37). Bohannan resolves this issue and indirectly addresses it at the end of the book by describing the reason behind some of the ‘savage’ activities that she witnessed, giving the sense that it is important to keep in mind that the motivations and reasoning of others is not necessarily the same as one’s…...
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Analyzing And Comparing Ethnographies English Literature Essay
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Anthropology: Analyzing and comparison EthnographiesEthnography is a scientific construct that involves analyzing communities and human societal phenomena. Considered a subdivision of cultural anthropology, descriptive anthropology involves some signifier of fieldwork where the ethnographer lives among the population being studied. He tries to populate an ordinary life among the people, while seeking to work closely with sources who are good placed to roll up precise information. The procedure involves the survey of the societal organisation, civilization, faith, economic system, kinship ties…...
AnthropologyCultural AnthropologyEnglishEthnographyEthnographyGender
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culture "Culture is a system of knowledge, beliefs, patterns of behavior, artifacts, and institutions that are created, learned, and shared by a group of people angency free will, out cultures tell us how we should behave but we still have a choice elements of culture 1. highly symbolic 2. all emcompassing 3. norms 4. values 5. symbols highly symbolic the abstract and material intermingle to reinforce group unity how is culture encompasing provides the guidelines for social interactions and "appropriate…...
CultureEthnographySocial scienceSocietySociology
Anthro Unit 7
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Strictly speaking, medical anthropology is an applied field within anthropology. False Fortunately for applied anthropologists eager to do effective international work, all governments are genuinely and realistically committed to improving the lives of their citizens. False Which of the following is true about medical anthropology? This growing field considers the biocultural context and implications of disease and illness. Which of the following is a reason that the Madagascar project to increase rice production was successful? Malagasy leaders were of the…...
CultureEthnographySocial scienceSocietySociology
The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea by Annette B. Weiner
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SUMMARY: The book, “The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea”, is a study in the fieldwork of ethnography conducted by Annette B. Weiner. This study is her pre-doctoral work in the study of Anthropology (1971 & 1972), and in 1974 she received her Ph.D. This work represents over fifteen years of study of the Trobrianders. Her caseworks began with the fieldwork of Bronislaw Malinowski, who was the first to do any type of study of these people. Main attributes to Dr.…...
EthnographyThe Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea
Reviewing Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection
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Pages • 7
Starting with a critical outline of the global patterns and designs in communication, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s seminal work Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection attempts at a critical examination of the widespread principle of worldwide associations lingering almost everywhere. While Tsing explicates that her work "is not a history of philosophy but rather an ethnography of global connection (Tsing, 2004, p. 1)", she also unravels a tight regard for the seemingly presented connections among the various sections of the society.…...
The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea
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Pages • 9
The book, “The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea”, is a study in the fieldwork of ethnography conducted by Annette B. Weiner.  This study is her pre-doctoral work in the study of Anthropology (1971 & 1972), and in 1974 she received her Ph.D.  This work represents over fifteen years of study of the Trobrianders.  Her caseworks began with the fieldwork of Bronislaw Malinowski, who was the first to do any type of study of these people.  Main attributes to Dr. Weiner’s…...
AdolescenceEthnographyEthnographyMarriageThe Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea
Chronicle of a Summer
Words • 1889
Pages • 8
Ethnofiction is a term that is used to provide a new contemporary sound to an older terminology (neologism) particularly dealing with docufiction (a term coined from the combination of the words documentary and fiction film). In visual anthropology, ethnofiction refers to ethnography or the genre of writings which gives an elucidating study or point of view regarding human societies. Predominantly, the results of the holistic research method are presented by ethnography and can be used in ethnofiction. In addition to…...
Guests Of The Sheik
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Pages • 2
There are very many countries out there, each with their own culture.A woman by the name of Elizabeth Fernea travels to one of these foreign countries. Her husband, Bob has taken B.J (Elizabeth Fernea) to accompany him on the journey of anthropology fieldwork. Although there are many cultures out there, there is no "right" culture. Elizabeth Fernea has immersed herself in the Iraqi culture and never once has had an ethnocentric view. In this ethnography, we see many trials and…...
CultureEthnographyGenderIraq WarLiteratureSociety
Analysis of Elijah Anderson’s Ethnography
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Pages • 9
Elijah Anderson’s Code of the Street takes an in-depth look into the world of crime based upon the conditions in which people find themselves, like poverty, unemployment, and drug use, and illustrates that the behaviors are definable under a “code of the street,” in which even people who strive to get good jobs and move into better homes fall victim to their situations. It is the code itself that is responsible, leading people to less desirable situations and behaviors. To…...
BehaviorCrimeDrug AbuseEthnographyEthnographyLiterature
Six Themes in the Ethnography of Prostitution
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Pages • 2
Clare Sterk reports about women who work as prostitute. Most of these women worked in streets, crack houses, and other pubic places. Sterk came up with six themes in the ethnography of prostitution: 1) A woman’s explanation for why she joined the field 2) The four types of prostitutes are streetwalkers, hooked prostitutes, addicts, crack prostitutes 3) The role of the pimp in their life 4) The impact of the AIDS epidemic 5) The violence and abuse that the women…...
Ethnographic Research Paper: Latino-American Immigration Experience
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Pages • 11
The immigration experience as a Latino-American is as diverse as the manifold cultures that the pan-ethnic identity, Latino, aims to subsume. With regards to the immigration experience, Zavella (1991) lays an emphasis on the notion of social location. The difference among Latinos in American society is embedded in their “social location within the social structure”, in which identity, or one’s sense of self, is emergent from the intersected social spaces formed by class, race/ethnicity, gender, and culture. In order to…...
EthnographyEthnographyExperienceImmigrationLatin AmericanResearch
Brief Overview of Social Anthropology Research
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Social and cultural anthropology is the comparative study of culture and human societies. Anthropologists seek an understanding of human kind in all its diversity. This understanding is reached through the study of societies and cultures and the exploration of the general principlesof social andcultural life. Social and cultural anthropology places special emphasis on comparative perspectives that challenge cultural assumptions. Many anthropologists explore problems and issues associated with the complexity of modern societies in local, regional and global contexts. Participant observation…...
AnthropologyCultural AnthropologyEthnographyResearch
Etic vs Emic Approaches in Anthropology
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Pages • 7
Working in the field as a cultural anthropologist requires participant observation, interviews, and observation. (Knight) The etic and emic-orientated styles are two different styles that used anthropologists use in their field work. The etic-orientated technique is a viewpoint that in ethnography uses principles and classifications for the anthropologists culture to describe another culture. (Ferraro/Andretta) The emic-orientated approach is a viewpoint in ethnography that uses the principles and categories that are appropriate and significant to the culture under analysis (Ferraro/Andreatta). There…...
Ethnographic Argumentation as Scientific method
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Pages • 2
In reference to Clifford & Marcus (1986), ethnography is two fold with being the fundamental cultural anthropological research method and being the written text which is normally developed to analyze and report on the ethnographic research results. As a research method, ethnography digs to answer anthropological questions related to the ways of life of living human beings and especially in the link between behavior and culture as well as analyses of how different cultural processes develop over time. To address…...
EthnographyEthnographyPhilosophyScienceScientific method
Business Research Method
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Pages • 4
After studying and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does there searcher know which references, articles, and information should be given prominence in the literature survey? For this question, the answer is the researchers should start looking for the literature survey that straight as the information from the unstructured and structured interviews that is being gathered. Also for the reviewing, the literature on the subject part of this time assistances the researcher to focus more on…...
Research about National Museum
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Pages • 8
The National Museum of the Philippine is the official repository established in 1901 as a natural history and ethnography museum of the Philippines. Some of the historical artifacts, instruments, and other things came from Philippine ancestors. One of the things that are restored here was the Spolarium 1884 a National Cultural Treasure by Juan Luna. National Museum has a very important role in our country to preserve the things we have from the past. National Museum gives the people information…...
Anthropology and Sociology Study
Words • 1437
Pages • 6
1. The sociological perspective, as a way of thinking about the world, includes the sociological imagination from C. Wright Mills, the beginner’s mind from Bernard McGrane, and the idea of culture shock from anthropology. Explain what all three of these concepts have in common. Response: All three of these concepts have in common are the idea of breaking down social barriers to gain a different perspective on culture people and behaviors. When a person is in a new area where…...
AnthropologyEthnographySociological ImaginationSociology
Globalization and Culture Change
Words • 1856
Pages • 8
From a sociocultural anthropological perspective, by investigating how globalization affects different parts of the world we can build a better understanding of how global structures affect social and cultural practices. Globalization is the worldwide interdependence of economic and cultural activities through the interchange of worldviews, goods, beliefs, and other aspects of culture (Lalonde slide 22/01/13). To facilitate interdependence, globalization uses new technology, innovation, tourism, international trade, and the media to build and maintain a dominant global culture (Lalonde slide 22/01/13).…...
Ethnographic Research
Words • 647
Pages • 3
ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH Ethnographic research study: Introduction Ethnography research studies cultures, subcultures through close observation and analysis. In the process of ethnographic research, the phenomenon is being observed by direct involvement of the scientist, discovering ways and methods to participate in individuals's lives in order to be close to the cultural context. In this sense, ethnographic research study has collaborative nature since the job would not be possible to realize without the targeted members of the culture by the scientist. Getting…...
Preparation to Ethnography Research of Coffeehouse Business
Words • 426
Pages • 2
In my ethnography I'm going to study a coffeehouse chain, such as Starbucks. I will be observing as well as socializing in attempt to compare and contrast multiple characteristics one must have to face in working in such an environment. At Starbucks the Baristas must have a genuine upbeat personality to each customer. I would like to study a locally owned coffee house as well to compare the different environments and how one might keep a small business afloat when…...
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