Ethnic Minority Adolescents Essay

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Ethnic Minority Adolescents

Define and give two examples of diversity as a dimension of ethnic minority adolescents One important dimension of ethnic minority adolescents is their diversity. It is highly evident that ethnic minorities are different in terms of their historical background, economic experiences, and social qualities (Santrock, 2007). They may also have different traditions, beliefs, and practices, among others. However, even though these ethnic minority groups have legitimate differences from other people, they should not be considered as inferior beings entirely as they are still human being just like the people who often discriminate against them.

In other words, instead of criticizing or belittling the differences, one should acknowledge, accept, and most of all, respect their differences as this allows one to get along with them in a society that is filled and multiply and vast cultures and ethnicities. Acknowledging and respecting their difference would also mean putting oneself in their shoes and thinking about how would they feel. One example of diversity as a dimension of ethnic minority is their different customs and traditions.

For example, a Mexican-American adolescent’s way of praying should not be ridiculed but instead be respected most especially if does not affect or impact the normal lives of other people. This also includes his or her food preferences and clothes, among many others. Another example is when an Asian-American boy is expected to be fluent in Chinese even though he was born and raised in the United States. This is a case of stereotyping as the boy, even though he has Chinese roots, has assimilated into the American culture and is not familiar with the language of his heritage.

In short, people should keep an open mind when dealing with different ethnic minority adolescents. They should always apply a multicultural perspective and embrace the fact that one of the distinguishing aspects of these groups is their diversity. By doing so, these ethnic minority adolescents would grow up having an easier time associating with people from other ethnic groups.


Santrock, J. W. (2007). Adolescence. United States: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages.

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