Ethnic Differences in USA Essay

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Ethnic Differences in USA

The US is a diverse country racially and ethnically. The six recognized races are: white, American Indian and Alaska native, Asian, African American, native Hawaiian or other pacific islander, and a people of two or more races. Whites alone constitute 75% of the total population in the US according to the American Community Survey (ACS). Hispanic or Latino ethnicity of any race accounts for 15. 4% of the total. Other ethnic groups counted alone constitute the rest. These groups are African Americans (12.

4%), some other races (4. 9%), Asian (4. 4%), two or more races (2. 3%), American Indian or Alaska native (0. 8%) and native Hawaiian or other pacific islander (0. 14%). These figures add up to more than 100% because Hispanic and Latino Americans are distributed among all the races and also listed as an ethnicity category, resulting in a double count. Immigration to the US is what has made it into such a diverse country. The influx of immigrants in the last 100yrs has totally changed the racial/ethnic group’s arithmetic.

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It’s projected that by 2050, the whites will no longer be the majority. The relations among racial or/and ethnic groups have not always been calm. Segregation based on race has been rampant since colonial era. Racist altitudes, or prejudice, are still held by a substantial portion of the US population today. There exists today, both covert and overt discrimination against African American, Latin Americans and Muslims. The issues of treatments of certain races have sparked confrontations and even a war.

The truth is that all races or/and ethnic groups have at some point in history faced discrimination including whites. Over time institutional discrimination has been overturned and theoretically any American cannot be refused employment, admission to a school because of his race. But as I have indicated above, there is still lingering prejudice against some minorities. There have been many suggestions on how to deal the problem of discrimination. Personally I think that lack of information is what informs prejudice and stereotyping.

Therefore, education on other races and/or ethnic groups is important. The government should institute affirmative action to support marginalized groups and support dialogue among groups. I think the student post depicts separateness and alienation among races and ethnic groups. References O’Hare, W. , & Pollard, K. (1999). America’s Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3761/is_199909/ai_n8872409/

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