Ethnic Essay Topics

What are the various patterns of ethnic interaction?

Primarily because of the continuous pursuance of globalization in the entire world, the existence of communities that are bound within the dilemma of dealing with highly multicultural associations already became a social norm. This is particularly the reason why sociologists were able to trace the pattern of ethnic interactions that are happening between people living… View Article

Racial and Ethnic Identity and the feelings of Acceptance and Belongingness

Ethnicity generally refers to a person’s affiliation with a particular ethnic group, or to their sharing qualities, characteristics or customs of that ethnic group. Ethnic identity, on the other hand, has been linked to the sense of belongingness and identification of an individual within a cultural group. The first use of ethnic identity in 1896… View Article

Ethnic groups

Historical descriptions of ethnic groups are normally aimed at establishing certain pattern of perception and interpretation and as well at as clarifying racial differences and peculiarities. On the other hand, the essays, written by the representatives of American nation, sometimes prominently demonstrate biased attitude towards the archetypical ‘otherness’. In Gjerde’s book one can find the… View Article

Ethnic Identity

(1) The Concept of ethnic alignments is as old as Methuselah or the Bible itself. Its continued persistence today is maintained by continued efforts by members as part or a pattern of social interaction. (Banton; 1986:11) In order for us to have a clear understanding of ethnic identity and its influence on an individual it… View Article

Importance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Differences

The United States is and will continue to be a very diverse place. More than 8 million legal immigrants came to the U. S. between 1981 and 1990, and an undetermined number of undocumented immigrants enter the United States each year. In addition, the United States includes people of many religions, languages, economic groups, and… View Article

Spanish-Speaking Groups in the United States

This research paper will identify the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statuses of Columbian Americans, Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Rican Americans living in the United States.| Cultural Interests of Spanish-Speaking Groups in the United States Cultural interests of Columbian Americans, Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Rican Americans that… View Article

Ethnic Differences in USA

The US is a diverse country racially and ethnically. The six recognized races are: white, American Indian and Alaska native, Asian, African American, native Hawaiian or other pacific islander, and a people of two or more races. Whites alone constitute 75% of the total population in the US according to the American Community Survey (ACS)…. View Article

Native Americans

Native Americans were the first people living in the United States until Europeans arrived, sought to colonize and take over. During this time, Native Americans were subjugated to warfare, new government and losing their lands. Forced to submit to White settlers, many Native Americans have had to choose between assimilating into a White culture or… View Article

A Rejoinder to the Ethnic Democracy

This paper aims to prepare four separated short summary and response papers for four different articles on Culturally Responsive Teaching. 2. Analysis and Discussion The following are the short summary and response to each of the given articles: 2. 1. Preparing For Culturally Responsive Teaching by Gay (2002) The article discusses how to improve the… View Article

Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

The different beliefs, characteristics and looks of different ethnicities give more diversities in a place. The differences in cultures create color in every region. It allows people to understand each other and respect each other’s differences and beliefs. On the other hand, these differences are emphasized too much that instead of being the key to… View Article

Relationships between Indians and English at Jamestown

Before the English founded Jamestown in 1607, the Pamunkey Americans who lived in the Chesapeake Bay area were aware of the other culture overseas (Kupperman, 1). The Americans had watched the establishment and eventual abandonment of the Roanoke settlement some twenty years before Jamestown and gained knowledge of English society (1). European ships frequented the… View Article

The boy in the striped pajamas

“Set during World War II, a story seen through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the eight-year-old son of the commandant at a concentration camp, whose forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the camp fence has startling and unexpected consequences. ” The story of the boy in the striped pajamas deals… View Article

Tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry is a classic cat chases mouse plot. As a little kid you see all of these types of shows in a different perspective but when you actually view them with an adult mind set, you start seeing these subliminal messages that some people may find offensive or disturbing. Tom and Jerry is… View Article


There are two concepts one should talk about when approaching the subject of immigration and how it applies to a minority: integration and assimilation. Integration is the acceptance of a country’s laws and basic principles while keeping a distinct cultural identity. By contrast, assimilation requires adopting the majority’s customs, values and way of life. Because… View Article

Importance of Understanding Cultural Diversity

Cultural and Ethnic diversity continues to impact day to day life making diversity in the workplace more common. Diversity refers to the qualities that are different from our own and can include race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, background and much more. Not only does diversity involve how people identify themselves, but how they perceive… View Article

My ethnic identity

Ethnicity is a way of defining, differentiating, and organizing around a shared awareness of the common ancestry of socially distinct groups of individuals, such as language, culture, religion, or nationality. It can shape community and identity, as well as can mobilize “like-minded” people into action for gaining social, political, and cultural interests. I am Mainland… View Article

Example of cover letter for support worker

Dear Sir/Madam, I am very glad to apply for vacancy with your organisation and I believe I have the skills and personal qualities for the stated job. My various work experiences involved working in different environment, situation and country. I have carry out my duties efficiently wherever I am attached. As a teacher in abroad,… View Article

Transcript of ‘Herbie’ By Archie Weller

Colour Symbol Image ‘Herbie’ by Archie Weller Colour, Symbol, Image By Samuel Beech The colour black is very symbolic in the story “Herbie” by Archie Weller, the colour black is associated with dark, sinister and contentious acts as is apparent is this morally challenging piece of text. The text challenges our values as a young… View Article

Immigrant assimilation

Immigrant assimilation is a well known process in which a group of immigrations change their culture in order to adapt with the dominant society, which are the native people of a certain country. In the United States, this process had been widespread since the early 1800s, where immigrants gradually become similiar with natives. There are… View Article

Difficulties in Speaking English

Aim. The overall aim of the study was to examine how policy directives concerning the provision of individualized care were modified in their transformation into practice and the implications this carried for the care provided to patients from different ethnic backgrounds. This paper is concerned with one aspect, namely, examining the nature and effects of communication… View Article

Race Racism and Society

Race racism and society What do you consider the most convincing theoretical explanation for racism in society today? Whilst there are many theories for why racism exists in society today, in my essay I will be discussing what theories have emerged to explain racism in society today and what reasons sociologists put forward for this…. View Article

Oodgeroo Noonucal Speech

Good morning 10.06. Oodgeroo Noonuccal, an Australian poet, uses her work to convey aspects of Australian experience. Noonuccal’s poems are mainly focused on her own perspective of the culture and beliefs of both the aboriginal people and white Australians, the racial discrimination that the Aborigines suffered and their peoples spirituality. Oodgeroo uses language and poetic… View Article