Ethiopia Essay Topics


The national name of Ethiopia is Ityop’iya Federalawi Demokrasiyawi Ripeblik. It is by far the most independent country. It is also considered of the oldest countries of Africa. Besides Mussolini’s five year occupation, it is the only African country that has never been a colony. It is best known for its cyclic famines and droughts,… View Article


Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations of this world, dating back to almost 3000 years BC. The recent history of Ethiopia proves that it is a land which is cursed with natural and human miseries. Its geographic position also underlies the miserable state of affairs that this country has been through in the recent… View Article

Living conditions of few privileged classes

Almaz Haile Slassie (1993), Traditional practices affecting the health of women and children in Africa (Ethiopia: A.A) Damte, E (2010) United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Early marriage (918) Divorce in Ethiopia: The impact of early marriage, Tilson, Larson (2000) Ethiopian public health training initiative, the Carter center the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (2005) Guday Emila… View Article

Surma People and sociology

Suri people have a cattle-centered culture, the wealth of a family is measured by the number of animals owned. Usually the animals are not eaten unless a big ceremony takes place. The animals are used for milk and blood which they both drink. Sometimes Suri warriors are preparing a mixture of cattle blood and milk… View Article