Ethics Essay Topics

Conception and Ethics of Attire in Puritans of Elizabeth and Jacob Era

In English literature, importance of religion can not be denied at any cost. Two thoughts had emerged up since yet in Elizabeth England therefore their believes, faith and conviction became solid in nature. A thing is mandatory in distinct dimensions initial in esteem of nature for the safeguarding of being healthy. Next would be honor… View Article

Ethical Analysis of Baby Theresa

Baby Theresa is a very unique case. Theresa Ann Campo Pearson was an infant born in Florida 1992, with Anencephaly, which is where the two most important parts of the brain are missing, the cerebrum and cerebellum, as well as the top of the skull. Without these parts of the brain she would never have… View Article

Divine Command Theory

Divine Command Theory is an ethical theory which claims that God’s will is the foundation of ethics. Based on Divine Command Theory, things are morally right or wrong, compulsory, allowed or disallowed if God or deities commands it. In Divine Command Theory, what makes an act moral or immoral is that God commands or prohibited… View Article

Personal Ethics Statement

My personal ethics statement includes my values and ideals important to me as an academic and in everyday life. My ethics are personal beliefs and morals that reflect and define the person I am. The decisions and choices I make every day should be consistent with integrity and respect toward others. These ethics will ensure… View Article

Personal Ethics Statement

My ethical perspective as identified by the Ethical Lens Inventory shows that I listen to my intuition, to determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community. I am one who is concerned about the well-being of the community, and I like to make people happy, if it will benefit the community as… View Article

Ethical Behavior vs Unethical Behavior

There really isn’t one way or another to be able to ensure ethical behavior in any business all the time. There are things that can be done to help encourage and increase the likely hood of a business acting ethically all the time. The two strongest influences for ethical behavior in the professional world are… View Article

Public Relation Core Values

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has extremely important core ethical values that include advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness. All of which will help further a public relations practitioner in their career. Every practitioner handles every job differently, in a way thats going to benefit both the company they are working for as… View Article

Moral Self-Knowledge in Kantian Ethics

In the article titled, Moral Self-knowledge in Kantian Ethics, Emer O’Hagan discusses Kant’s views and ideas concerning self-knowledge and the role it plays in duty and virtuous action. O’Hagan first introduces a key feature of Kant’s ethical theory which is its recognition of the psychological complexity of human beings. O’Hagan uses this recognition of psychological… View Article

End of Life Ethical Issues

In this workshop activity, you are required to investigate and report on ONE ethical principle as it is demonstrated in a case study situation, then review and assess the reports prepared by your fellow students.Read the case studies below and decide which ethical principles are involved in each situation: (a) describe the principle Principle of Respect… View Article

Ethical Standards in Health Care Accounting

As a health care manager, there is a need to understand the basic accounting principles and the need to be able to look at a financial report and understand what it says. Without these keys and a good ethical compass, there could be serious consequences and could result in loss of revenue, funds, termination, or… View Article

Terri Schiavo: Do Ill People Have the Right to Die or Not

Terri Schiavo decided to adopt the “iced tea diet” which resulted in a permanent brain damage (Soylent.. , 2007). She stayed in a coma from 1990 – 2005 also because of this (Soylent.. , 2007). In light of this, Terri Schiavo’s attending physician, as well as, the doctors appointed by the court to take care… View Article

Ethics of Native American Mascots

Ethics of Native American mascots is a controversial topic and should not be argued against because they are used ethically, complementary, and respectfully. The Native American Mascot controversy is a topic that has presented itself in recent years all across the country. Though there have been some issues, complaints, and moral questions brought up about… View Article

The Importance of Ethics in Counselling

Ethics can be an extremely difficult subject to define and discuss as it closely related to one’s own unique moral, cultural, and spiritual values. Within the counselling profession however there is a strict ethical framework which must be adhered to. This framework has been developed over the years to insure integrity, confidentiality, and responsibility on… View Article

Our Moral Responsibility to Provide Monetary Aid to Pakistani Villagers

In this essay, I will argue that the theory of Utilitarianism presents resilient, compelling arguments that exemplifies why we have a moral obligation to donate money to help the Pakistani villagers affected by recent floods. Though the argument put forth by Ethical Egoists in favor of donating money to the Pakistanis is convincing, it lacks… View Article

Personal, Professional, and Ethical Belief System

In the human services field, personal ethical belief systems combined with professional ethics work in partnership to guide human service professionals in unraveling ethical dilemmas. An increasing number of professionals and clients seek out to define the fundamental policies of the human services field. Humans develop an integration of values, standards, and beliefs from birth… View Article

Business Ethics at Acme Corporation

Mr. Frank Garcia was a new salesman at Acme Corporation. At Acme Corporation the corporate culture was top down or hierarchal and Garcia quickly learned that because of the competitive nature of the medical supplies industry few mistakes were tolerated. One of his very first sales clients was Mr. Otis Hillman, the buyer for Thermocare,… View Article

Current Ethical Issues

Organizations must deal with moral and ethical issues that can include dishonesty, theft, and employee drug use. However, companies that have ethical guidelines and train their employees in ethical behavior will have exceptional employees. Therefore, organizations that create ethical policies and provide ethical training will encourage ethical standards in the company. Therefore, I will profile… View Article

The Importance of Being Earnest’

The Importance of Being Earnest’ is used to represent a contradictory and hypocritical society. Oscar Wilde uses the text to reflect his own experience with an ignorant society; Oliver Parker does not replicate this in the 2002 film version of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ as he does not have the emotional influences that Wilde… View Article

Ethical Decision Making

Ethics are important in business and the leader has important role in ethical decision making. A success leader is who has the courage to build his or her company to meet the needs of all the stakeholders, and who recognizes the importance of the service to society. The common theme for the leader play in… View Article

Ethics in Psychology

The definition of ethics is as follows: “a theory or system of moral values; the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person”. ( ) In modern day society, we have bio-ethicists; professionals who are trained to judge what can be considered ethical, as well as strict… View Article

Ethical issues

Code of ethics for education defines the professional behavior of educator and serves as a guide to ensure there is ethical conduct. Professional standards commission came up with standards that give guidance as far as conducts that are general accepted in education profession. For this case, there is assurance of protection of safety, health and… View Article

Managing Ethically

Today’s business world often requires that employees work longer hours and travel extensively. This forces many to sacrifice family time and other personal responsibilities for their careers. In a one to two page paper, answer the following: What are the ethical implications of requiring that employees dedicate long hours and extensive travel time to their… View Article

Research And Ethics

Conducting a qualitative research is not an easy task. Aside from considerations regarding gathering data, looking up literature and other sources related to the study, and such, researchers engaged in qualitative studies should also consider ethical issues in order to provide results that are not only reliable and valid but also acceptable in terms of… View Article

Ethical Theory on Cyberslacking Affect on It Industry

Cyberslacking a term used to describe employees who surf the net for their personal use such as writing e-mail or indulging in other internet-related activities at work that are not related to their jobs. These activities are performed during periods of time when they are being paid by their employer. The individual who perform such… View Article

Personal Ethics Statement

After taking the Ethical Lens Inventory, I have discovered that my personal lens is the Results Lens. Upon further reading I discovered how that translated into my values, strengths, weaknesses, and my blind spot as well as how to see more clearly. The key phrase for those with the Results Lens is “I make choices… View Article

Applied Ethics

A False promise means “a promise that is made with no intention of carrying it out and esp. that is made with intent to deceive or defraud”. Nowadays, making false promises has become ubiquitous in our daily life. Is it a right action or not? Based on Kantian ethic and Utilitarianism, there are different views… View Article

Ethics Goes To Hollywood

When we think of ethics with regards to Hollywood, some people might even question if there really are any left? With the growing number of moralists and critics that easily target Hollywood, ethics has become an important factor that seems to be set aside. Many of the movies that are being shown today presents violence,… View Article

Ethics in Decision Making

Decision making or the process of choosing among alternatives is practiced by almost all individuals (Mingst, 2001). In almost every situation people is faced with the idea of making decisions whether it is as simple as choosing what clothes to buy up to life changing choices like deciding on a particular career path. This kind… View Article

Ethics in Public Administration

The national bicentennial in 1976 marked two important birthdays for public administration. It was the ninetieth anniversary of the appearance of the first fully developed essay on what was considered a “new” or at least a separately identified field — public administration. In that essay, the young political scientist Woodrow Wilson (1941) wrote the now… View Article

Ethical Egosim and Sentiment: Examing Decision-Making in the Grey Area

If there were one particular ethical theory that would universally fit all situations, ethics would be an open/shut case. However, that simply isn’t how ethical theories work. While, some may have significantly more merit than others on a scale of universal application, there are some situations where relativism comes into play when deciphering which theory… View Article