Ethics Essay Topics

Intrinsic value

Moral judgments are decisions, not conclusions Decisions ought to be made situationally, not prescriptively We should seek the well-being of people, rather than love principles. Only one thing is intrinsically good, namely, love: nothing else Love, in this context, means desiring and acting to promote the wellbeing of people Nothing is inherently good or evil,… View Article

Prima facie

Introduction According to the article, Rhino poaching is in no way shown as moral. The ethical issues I see are that people are ignoring the fact that this horrible act is occurring and many people who do know about it won’t do anything about it, but are able to waste time watching pointless videos. The… View Article

Business ethics

?Values are individual in nature. ?Values are comprised of personal concepts of responsibility, entitlement and respect. ?Values are shaped by personal experience, may change over the span of a lifetime and may be influenced by lessons learned. ?Values may vary according to an individual’s cultural, ethnic and/or faith-based background. MORALS ?Morals are guiding principles that… View Article

Normative ethics

Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. [1] The term comes from the Greek word ethos, which means “character”. Ethics is a complement to Aesthetics in the philosophy field of Axiology. In philosophy, ethics studies the moral behavior in… View Article

Business ethics

In the past there have been several cases in the business environment related to the practices of accountants and auditors who have violated the trust and confidence of public. A number of researches have been conducted to find the potential factors resulting in unethical, biased or inappropriate decision making and judgments by the professionals. The… View Article

Virtue ethics

Unlike morals, which are deeply held convictions held by an individual in regards to right and wrong behavior, ethics are recognized rules of conduct in regards to a specific action or a particular group of people. In short, ethics come from an external social structure whereas morals come from within – a person’s own perceptions… View Article

Case Study: Alcoa’s Core Values

Ethics is based on a set of moral and ethical values. These values must be absolute – that is, you must take them seriously enough to override any human rationalization, weakness, ego, or personal faults. Alcoa’s ethical work climate is diverse, encourages open communication and learning, and community outreach. Alcoa’s core values are held to… View Article

Virtue Ethics

Our case this module, one of virtue ethics, brings us to a systematic overhaul of one of the largest toy making companies in the world in Mattel. The overhaul took place during almost the entire first decade of the second century. The over haul was in compliance with the Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP). This is… View Article

Cultural and Ethical Dilemmas Within the Colourful Corporation

The aim of this business report is to analyse the ethical dilemmas arising from daily business operations, and to determine whether Colourful Corporation was ethical in its decision making, and to provide solutions for the management of future ethical issues. Having an established international base, Colourful Corporation conducts business transactions in both developing and developed… View Article

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics is a very important part of the business workplace and must be managed in the right way in order to become successful and maintain the perfect work role. Being able to come up with ideas and plans for code of ethics is a good thing in the workplace because it gives… View Article

Philosophy Matrix

|Principal Issues | |Field |Definition | |Schools Of Thought |Key Contributors | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Metaphysics |The study of being: The nature |Plato developed the theory of |Monism |Pythagoras |Metaphysics: Questions about the | | |of being and what |forms and introduced skepticism… View Article

Political philosophy

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. In more casual speech, by extension, “philosophy” can refer to “the… View Article

Ethical Counseling

The code of ethics was created to assist and benefit members of the American Counseling Association. The code of ethics mission statement discusses what counselors should aspire to do in an ethical manner and also explains how they can be responsible counselors who protect themselves against complaints. The code of ethics is sometimes revised because… View Article

Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

As a counselor we’re taught to put our own values and beliefs aside and provide services to our clients even if our values and beliefs do not coincide. When topics such as abortion and assisted suicide are brought up, I express my personal values about them. Abortion is a very sensitive topic for some individuals…. View Article

Working in Health and Social Care

For my unit 11 coursework I was required to produce a letter to inform the job of my interest that I was hoping to interview them and to ask for their consent to participate in my interview giving them the choice to take part or not. A consent letter was placed at the bottom of… View Article