Ethics Essay Topics

A declaration of war justify behaviour

Whether or not the declaration of Just War justifies behaviour that is morally or legally unacceptable in peacetime depends firstly on the sort of behaviour we are talking about. There are a number of behaviours that are legally permitted in peacetime that many people would and do reject as morally unacceptable. This includes abortion, euthanasia… View Article

Religious Ethic

Discuss the view that only a religious ethic can provide an acceptable basis for medical ethics. Medical ethics concerns many areas of ethical debate. Including such controversial issues such as euthanasia, abortion and human cloning, medical ethics sparks lively debates. The issue of abortion is a very relevant and controversial issue. There are opposition and… View Article

A Brutal Choice

“Don’t leave me here to die” “Do you agree that Cathy O’Dowd and here fellow mountaineers had no choice but to leave Fran “to die”?” In the newspaper article Cathy O’Dowd clearly tries to make the reader believe that she did the right thing. She identifies this in the sub heading “she faced a brutal… View Article

Does everyone have a right to a child?

What are the different alternatives to conceiving naturally? Artificial insemination Artificial insemination is often used by couples that are infertile due to sperm disorders such as low sperm count etc. Usually the process involves injecting sperm through a narrow catheter into the woman’s reproductive tract or for most couples AI is performed with the man’s… View Article

Deontological Ethics and Emanuel Kant

Describe Kant’s theory of Duty as the basis of morality (33 marks). Emanuel Kant was a German Philosopher who lived in the late 18th century and was arguably one of the greatest thinkers of all time. He came up with a guide to morals in direct opposition to teontological or consequential theories. Many people use… View Article

The different ways in which ‘good’ is used in meta-ethics

Examine the different ways in which ‘good’ is used in meta-ethics “Anything people approve of must be good” Discuss. Meta-ethics is the part of ethics which investigates the true nature of ethical statements and its other properties. It questions what it is to be morally right or wrong. Meta-ethics goes into two categories; these being… View Article

“Science solves all the problems about where we come from

Science, it is arguable, has opened the eyes of humanity and rid us the ignorance that we once lived each and every day of our lives in. it has helped us to come to scientifically sound and empirically based theories that are now universally accepted. One such example of a theory that empirically seems to… View Article

Assess whether ‘God exists’ is a testable hypothesis

Ultimately, God’s existence cannot be classified as a ‘testable’ hypothesis. A hypothesis is a proposal, which can be tested and then either confirmed or rejected. God’s non-physical state makes this virtually impossible, as we are unable to use our senses to confirm his presence or absence. Anthony Flew and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s theories provide a considerable… View Article

Religious Ethics

In this essay, I will be taking religious ethics to mean the ethical principles of Christianity, i.e. Christian Ethics. This includes the moral decisions based on the teachings of Christianity from such sources as the Bible. The term ‘environmental issues’ covers a broad spectrum of concerns. As far as ethics is concerned, the issue is… View Article

What is meant by meta-ethics?

Ethics is the study of moral standards and conduct. For this reason, the study of ethics is also often called “moral philosophy,” meaning “What is good?” “What is bad” etc. However, Meta-ethics is the study of this moral language and of what different people mean when they use ethical terminology. There are many accepted schools… View Article

The issues surrounding Abortion

Explain how a follower of natural law might approach the issues surrounding Abortion. Natural Law, as outlined and enforced by Thomas Aquinas, says that every living thing has a purpose, and that every solution to a dilemma and every action can be solved by reasoning, which will gain you ultimate happiness. This Is linked with… View Article

The key features of situation ethics

Examine the key features of situation ethics. Then outline the main weaknesses of situation ethics. How far do these lead to a rejection of the theory? Despite the view of Kant, and many Christian people, that it is not ethical to only act after assessing the implications of a moral action, since the 1960’s a… View Article

Examine the different ways in which ‘good’ is used in meta-ethics

a) “Examine the different ways in which ‘good’ is used in meta-ethics.” Meta-ethics is the study of the meaning of moral language. It describes presuppositions and language of morality. There are a number of different ethical theories for the meaning of good used in meta-ethics. The four main headings under which most acceptable theories can… View Article