Ethics: Review Questions Essay

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Ethics: Review Questions

1. Why do we study ethics?

Morality or ethics is one of the main subjects of philosophy, which focuses on the morality of human society. Delineate what is right and what is wrong. If it is easy to explain what ethics means to be separated from the good from the bad, why we should learn about ethics because learning ethical action is right or wrong according to society, culture and traditions of happiness?

2. Why should we be concerned about doing “the right thing”?

Doing the right thing is to make a social convention by which people in society recognize the need and the peace of society, free from bias and corruption to society.

3. If each of us has a unique set of influences and values that contribute to our personal value system, how can that are applied to a community as a whole?

The Personal Values ​​to social participation is difficult, if our thinking is not good enough, and contrary to social ethics. But it’s not that impossible, if we know how to convince people in the society and present the advantages and disadvantages that will be followed for everyone to learn our thoughts may be influenced by a small group to big society is not difficult.

4. Is it unrealistic to expect others to live by the Golden Rule?

Which we have moral, ethical, and with others person, it cannot guarantee that other parties will perform as well as we do the right thing always. Thus, we must adhere to what is good for social peace.

5. Consider how you have resolved ethical dilemmas in the past. What would you do differently now?

I’ve been hit in the head several times to err on the side of ethics. For example, using connections to make good results from others using the influence of the family. After doing so, I think that the act is wrong, I should have the ability to solve their own problems and presented with their own ability to influence others not to threaten to get in the thing desired.

6. What would you do if your resolution of an ethical dilemma turned out to be the wrong approach and it actually made things worse?

If I am in a situation like that, I tend to see the damage that would follow from the action unethical if it is not serious, I will find a good solution to that situation. Serious consequences if I choose not to do, and he was reprimanded by my boss to summer than to others person, I believe that every situation there is a solution, if everybody not selfish.

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