Ethics in Information Technology Essay

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Ethics in Information Technology

Chad White (2009) discussed that by the end of 2008, retailers have been sending a record breaking number of promotional emails. The main question is, is this increase worth the price of all the negative consequences of such campaign? Cassar (2009) said that people had less money to spend in 2008 and that they view the internet as a deal seeking venue but not actually purchase online. There are a lot of costs associated with even simple system messages like, “You have items left in your cart.

” Doubling the sending of these emails over the holiday period can cause some serious irritation, too, as the company can easily be marked as spam because of these emails that are being sent at least twice daily by some. Before actually spending out the money for these promotional mails, it might be better if the companies spend the extra cost in promotion by helping the customers save more, for instance, they can offer a promotional coupon or free shipping. Noguchi (2008) said that email has become too time-consuming for people that instead of aiding to get things accomplished, email has become a distraction from work being done.

In another article, Noguchi (2008) said that family can be reasons for email overload as some members of the family love sending pictures, videos and all other stuff they can think of to every email address they have on file. These things can get really distracting especially at work. Suggestions to resolve this dilemma: a person can always limit messages in his mailbox, do not open personal emails at work, mark emails requiring action, use spam blockers, be alert on the proper subject headings (Asiado 2010). The key is being organized (Asiado 2010).

Schaper (2009) said that one way to avoid email overload is taking a break from emails even once a week. In fact, his research showed one Chicago based company is implementing this exact same rule. They understand that email is important and necessary to business but it can just be toxic, hence this policy. Glenn (2008) said that there is practically no privacy at work. Everything done by an employee on a work computer can easily be seen by his employer as everything is saved in the company’s hard drive. There is only one suggestion to resolve this: avoid using work computer to do incriminating acts against your own person or another.

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