Ethics in Advertisements

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What people tell you, determine whether they are to be trusted or distrusts. Advertisement is a way of communication between companies with their consumers, while ethics are the moral principles that should be applied. Ethics in advertising is more of providing truthful information about the products or services, in the case of advertisements. Ethics in advertising is more beneficial to both the business and the consumers because the good is, most of the time, to defeat badly.

First, companies gain trust from their consumers.

When companies are advertising and try to make a product more beneficial than the way it functions usually, this hinders the courage the consumers had to buy this product. The consumers feel more of lies in that business. Consumers, most of the time, care for each other and they will stop their friends and families to use those companies’ products. And as we all know, consumers are the ones who make the business. Without consumers to consume, then no need for the business to provide.

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So, if they say no to your business, this will lead to loss of profits, to the business, and which may even lead to the closure of the business.

Secondly, providing truthful information in adverts, makes the minds of consumers open up to what they want, which also helps in time management. Most of the businesses try hard to meet consumers’ needs, hence, when they all try to make a product that all consumers need, they will end up advertising the same thing on a product produced differently, which works in different ways, and this leaves consumers in a predicament, not sure of what and where they will go to buy from.

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The time they waste on thinking where they should go, that time would have been used in other works. This time would have been used in attending other social works, or self-development works. Hence hindering oneself improvement and society’s improvement.

Thirdly, the companies show their awareness of what the community is trying to implement. Some millennials are more eager to make a change to the world around them, and the company has to show that they support what it’s to be done.

To sum up, every company, in the case of advertising, should provide what is the product. Not advertising for the sake of attracting consumers to come and buy the product. Nothing that exists without a bad side, so don’t be afraid to tell the world about that products’ negative side. And if companies don’t want to reveal the negative side of the products, just add the rest in the paper that goes together hand in hand with the product. This will benefit most clients before using the product.

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