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Ethics Games Dilemmas Essay

Essay Topic:

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The Baird Method based on the four ethical lenses and the four plus one decision-making method. In taking previous classes it was determine that no one lens fits the values of student Nayeli Trejos. The professor shocked with the results, and no student prior to Nayeli received that score in the lens test. This has to do with the fact that a person is not a particular lens all the time but shifts into a lens, depending on the situation. Two dilemmas were presented to the student after coaching in each lens the best decision based on the lens was chosen.

The student had the opportunity to make the decision based on core values of the individual.

Ethical Issues of Simulation and Decision making steps

The first ethical issue presented in the simulation was a concern of an employee with a possible sexual harassment case. This employee had voiced concern about feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. The director of sales made aware by a third party regarding the situation of the employee receiving extra attention.

The director received an e-mail from the employee stating the employee wanted to meet but for the director to keep everything confidential. The director of sales used the four plus one step decision-making plan known as the Baird method. The steps are be attentive, be intelligent, be reasonable, be responsible and be reflective (“Ethicsgame”, 2012).

The best decision was based on the rights/responsibility lens and the results lens. The ethical issue presented in the second situation discusses tampering with research data results. The marketing director received a request to review the data to be submitted by the division medical director for publication. After reviewing the report the marketing director noticed inconsistencies form the first report drafted. The medical director removed data that was not favorable for the research and replaced with favorable data. The four plus one decision method was to address ethical issues. The marketing director chose the best option based on the results and reputation lens.

Ethical Lenses used and Lens Influence on Decision

There are four ethical lenses that influenced the decision of the simulated ethical issues. The simulation offered the perspectives of the lenses to make the best decision based on the lens tools. The lenses are rights/responsibility lens, results lens, relationship lens, and reputation lens (“Ethicsgame”, 2012). Each dilemma presented offered two lenses to make a decision based on the tools of each lens. The simulation gave the best answer based on the lens and after the reader had the choice based on the individuals core values. After identifying the best choice for all lenses the students choice was rated for risk.

Concepts Relating to the Workplace

A lifeguard on duty needs to be easily identifiable for that reason employers require uniforms. Lifeguards uniform includes a bathing suit or trunk at all times while on duty. Females have an option of wearing trunks and a shirt over the bathing suit. Males have the option of wearing a shirt. The facility sees approximately 1,200 patrons a day. The probability of sexual harassment in this environment is higher. There are employees under age working alongside employees who are much older. Some females expressed feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. These concerns were addressed immediately to protect the employee as well as the organization.

It is a requirement for employees to attend regular training and meeting to discuss policies and procedures. In these meetings a manual is issued to employees stating policies, procedure, and legal rights. The protocols were outline for the individuals in case of any situation. In addition to employee trainings supervisors are sent to an additional management meeting. This meeting addressed how to follow proper protocol to protect the individual filling the report as well as the organization.


Knowledge is power and educating employees will reduce risk of ethical issues. In these simulations different ethical issues were addressed. The opportunity to view two different perspectives before making a decision is beneficial. This allows the decision maker to reduce risk and keep the best interest of all parties involved. Know that the decision maker will not only stay in one lens but also will mold, depending on the situation at hand.

EthicsGame (2012). Retrieved from http://ethicsgame.com/Exec/CorpGame/BairdDecisionModel.aspx

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