Ethics Game Dilemma Essay

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Ethics Game Dilemma

The Ethics Game simulations of The Mysterious Rose and The Cold Feet Dilemmas address the following ethical issues: The first ethical concern is regarding a company employee by the name of Gayle Dornier. Gayle has received unwanted flowers from an unknown person, multiple times per week, and to this day Gayle has no idea who is sender of the flowers. Receiving a large quantity of flowers has begun to make her feel uncomfortable. Therefore Gayle is taking the proper Chain of Command to find a possible solution to the problem.

After speaking to Rian Brown who is the company’s Ethics Officer, I decided that the most important issue was to maximize complete confidentially during my meeting with Gayle, because her issue seemed to be a very important to her. I also had to figure out key shareholders who were directly involved in this case, as well as who’s directly affected. Decision making steps involved in addressing this issue were mainly to figure out what the issues actually are and to break it down into small parts ensuring proper investigation, as well as proper facts regarding the case were identified.

The main issue is to determine if a Sexual Harassment issue is present or not. The Ethical Lens used in addressing this issue was Rights/Responsibilities and the Results Lens. The Rights and Responsibilities Lens is based on the duties that everyone in our community has towards each other, and how we live by certain principles of integrity, for example, treat other the way you would like to be treated. The Results Lens is based on the actual results that we want to accomplished, and create the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Ensuring that the company’s reputation is not affected, as well as the well being of all parties involved should be the best outcome.

The Ethical Lens is very important in the determination of my final decision; I was fully aware of the individual feelings of all parties involved. The Ethical Lens also helped to with the proper final determination was made on fairness and facts. As Gayle’s Immediate Supervisor, I feel it is my responsibility all employees have useful information about processes to protect themselves in any situations of potential harassment.

The Cold Feet simulation of Ethics Game Dilemma involved company researchers Phillip Waters and Nikolai Zubanov. Who both submitted reports, but two different results were given to me. Nevertheless Phillip Waters have suppressed information causing elimination of adverse information enclosed in the reports, the ethical issue in this case deals with integrity and submission of fraudulent information. There is a decision to make in regards to what should be done if it is declared an employee has falsified a document.

The Ethical Lens used was Relationship and Reputation. The Relationship Lens is centered on processing the systems for an ethical organization. It protects the basic liberties of all people. Everyone is entitled to their rights; regardless of income status everyone is deserving of fair process. The Reputation Lens is focused on exhibiting the virtues which are valued in the community for people who are in roles. These ethical lenses affected my decision making it ensured that I was open and honest in all facets of the concern.

The ethical perspective is not always making everyone happy, because it is virtually impossible to make everyone happy. Ethical perspective focus on making the best decision for the good of all individuals involved as well as setting the standard in future situations. These ethical lenses helped to influence my decisions based on the information that was provided. It allowed me to be fair towards all individual concerns as well as a guide provide me with the proper steps to handle the issue.

The concepts of this simulation relates to my personal workplace. Since the conception of my new office six months ago we have went without set standards practices for employees to follow. People became frustrated and overwhelm and decided to leave. Lucky, a strong Senior Management Team is currently being developed to help my office transition into new define standards practice. I believe there should be standard practices in the workplaces by using proper ethics, and treat all individuals fairly. Treating people the same way that you would like you would like to be treated will usually ensure that the proper ethics are used in all situations.

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