Ethics – Food Essay

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Ethics – Food

Although most people do not realize it, patrons of food establishments place their lives in the establishments’ hands. Improper storing and labeling of food items or selling slightly-expired food can be tempting from a financial perspective but can lead to serious injury or worse due to food poisoning, cross-contamination or allergic reactions. Food establishments should include firm commitments to food safety in their codes of ethics, always placing food safety above financial concerns. This includes going beyond the letter of the law to enforce the highest product quality standards.

A code of ethics should include a commitment to sell only healthy products and never to use harmful ingredients. (http://smallbusiness. chron. com/code-ethics-food-establishments-10815. html) Delicious This Code of Ethics describes standards of conduct for Healthylicious board members, officers, managers and all other employees of Heakthylicious, and has been approved by the Healthylicious Restaurant Group, Inc. Board of Directors. Many of the policies in this Code are based on various laws and regulations. Other are based on business and ethical principles than enhance Healthylicious ability to conduct its business effectively.

Others restate basic work rules and principles contained in the Employee Handbook. The purpose of the Code is to provide guidance and set common ethical standards each of us must adhere to on a consistent basis. It governs the actions and working relationships of board members, officers, managers and all other employees in dealing with fellow employees, guests, competitors, vendors, suppliers, governmental and self-regulatory agencies, the media, and anyone else with whom our company has contact. These relationships are essential to the continued success of Healthylicious restaurant .

(www. mortons. com/assets/pdf/code_of_ethics. pdf? ) This Code: • Requires the highest standards for honest and ethical conduct, including proper and ethical procedures for dealing with conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. • Requires full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents that Morton’s files with, or submits to, governmental and regulatory agencies, and in other public communications made by Morton’s. • Requires compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations.

• Requires the prompt internal report of any illegal behavior or violations of the Code. • Establishes accountability for adherence to the Code. • Provides for methods to communicate violations of the code. * We consider moral as an inevitable factor in caring on any duties & talking decisions. We try to follow the highest standards based on Sincerity, generosity, conscientious. * We carry on the affairs individually & groups to bring about validity to our company. * We at all times spend all of our energy & resources towards production and services to guarantee our success against our competitor.

* We behave equally towards all our guests all race religion, nationally and beliefs. * We offer all our services & productions in highest standard with perfect constancy. * We provide a safe & sanitary environment for all our guests and personal. * We try to stay for good at highest position & in majority in word, practice ethic affairs. * We promote knowledge, education experience and motivation for all the staff in order to do their duties in a higher standard. * We provide equal opportunities for anyone to carry on their duties and all the staff which is working in similar level would be evaluated no differently.

* We fully try to protect the natural environment and resources while carry on our duties. * We are looking for a fair share of income, no more or less. an. Our Mission • To provide a wholesome dining experience, with Top Quality food, healthy and a staff that wants to exceed the CUSTOMERS expectations!! Our Vision • To maintain a profitable operation that will continue our TRADITION of Quality Family dining, at a reasonable cost, in a comfortable atmosphere, with exceptional service. Our Values • We are in business to meet our customer’s needs.

• We believe in empowering our staff to resolve customers concerns on the spot. We treat our employees as we want them to treat our customers. • We believe in continuing our Family Tradition. • We believe in you the customer, and by this tradition we will continue to make a reasonable profit, that will allow us to remain competitive, healthy, community involved, and a Family Restaurant where generation will continue to gather. • We seek your comments, for we realize to exceed your expectations, we need to know what they are. • Your safety, health, comfort, nourishment and Quality Service are Number “One” to US!!!

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