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Ethics Essay

What is Ethics? It is the binding good character, being respectful, and having trustworthiness amongst others. The topics that will be touched on is the differences between morality and ethical theories. Finally, I am going to touch on my personal experiences in relation to virtue, values, and moral concepts. Morality and ethics are almost one in the same in the greater scheme of things. They both work together to make up ethical decisions by a person. For example there are five key terms that breaks down the theories; which are Consequential, Egoism, Utilitarian, Act Utilitarian, and Rule Utilitarianism. Therefore, ethical theories and moral theories are broken down into two different categories consequential and non-consequential theories. Now what is the consequential theory exactly? The consequential theories basically mean, the result of a person’s behavior can result in either morally good consequences or morally bad consequences (Manias & Monroe, 2013).

The breakdown can go even further; in the simplest terms morality relates to non-consequential theories and ethical decisions lead to consequential theories. For example, an ethical decision could be a police officer runs a red light, without having police sirens on; the consequence is a law abiding citizen might be further dissatisfied with the police force in the area. A moral decision is basically the action of right and wrong; which is really not a consequence. The decision of right and wrong is decided on oneself feelings about a certain scenario or person at any given time. For example, a student cheats on a test; why does he or she cheat? One may ask, is this situation right or wrong. The judgment or verdict is for you to decide, whether it is the person themselves; has good morals or not.

One of the three theories that relate to me is Utilitarian. I have two children and I am always constantly trying to them to be well mannered and teach them good aspects of life. I myself always want to produce the greatest possible good out of everything. Whether it is teaching my children something or making someone else laughs. In conclusion, ethical decisions can lead to misunderstandings and have great consequences. Moral decisions decide right and wrong. My personal experiences relating to Utilitarian theories are something that I now know about. It hoped that this explanation will help the further understanding of the subject.

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Manias, N., & Monroe, D. (2013). Ethics Applied (7th ed.).

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