Ethics Essay ­ “Miss Evers’ Boys”

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Ethics Essay ­ “Miss Evers’ Boys”

One unethical issue that I saw in the film was that the patients that were being used for the experiment were misinformed about their medical status. This is unethical because the patients were being lied to about something that ultimately affected their health and lives. A second unethical issue that I saw in the movie was that the medical service was not provided so as best to promote the participant’s interest. The service was provide to conduct an experiment to study the progression of Syphilis in African American men. The only reason patients consented to the experiment was because they thought that they had “bad blood” and were waiting for treatment.

Thirdly, another unethical issue that I saw in the movie was that the information about the Syphilis treatment, Penicillin, was kept hidden from the patients. Even when Penicillin became the official treatment, patients never received it whether they were looking for it or not. The fourth unethical issue that I saw in the movie was that the nurse did not recognize that considerations relating to the well­being of the individual participants in the research should have taken precedence of any interest of the doctors, science, or society.


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