Ethics case study Essay

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Ethics case study

1) What are Joseph’s ethical problems?

Joseph is faced with some ethical problems such as honesty, conflicts of interest, fairness and bribes. He found out that Carl and other employees were using (kickback) with their customers. Even if the Alcon’s hand book didn’t say anything about the kickback, but it include this statement” our company stands for the right thing at all time and giving our customers the best products for the best price” so Joseph and the employees known that the kickback is unethical and do not represent the company policy of doing the right thing for their customer because he known that kickback reduce fair completion, which eventually leads to reduced quality and increase prices for customers.

2) Assume that you are Joseph and discuss your options?

Joseph should address the situation with Carl and the other employees to explain to them the ethical problem with the kickback, try to inform them that is not acceptable to continue in it and the problems that it can cause, if this didn’t work he directly should report this behavior to the president of the company because not reporting this can make him lose his job or faces criminal charges.

3) What other information do you feel you need before making your decision?

Some the information that are needed to make decision are to know for how long this action is going on is it for long time or not .how they mange to hide this act form the manger of the company, try to understand how, why and when this act started.

4) Discuss in which business areas the ethical problems lie.

There are many ethical problems in this situation for example: Abusive behavior which can be seen in the respond of Carl when Joseph converts him with the information that he found. Conflicts of interest which exist when individual must choose whether to advance his own interest; Joseph was facing this because he was afraid that if he repots this it will affect his wife new job. He also facing bribery ethical problem which in retune of his silent his wife will having the job. Fraud Joseph could be engaged in deceptive practices to advance his own interests. Also he will be lying and not honesty.

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