Ethics Audit Question Essay

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Ethics Audit Question

Board – Does the board have a clear and concise plan of action to deal with problems that arise from regular assessment? This question is important when assessing an organization’s ethical performance. This question will help the organization create a plan of action to deal with any problem that may arise. Staff- Are all staff members educated equally about how to advance in the organization? This question would help the organization make sure that they are treating all employees the same, as well as giving them all the same opportunities. The question would also aid in the assessment of the organizations ethical performance.

Donors and Fundraisers- Does the organization give the donors the proper instructions or information on how to write their donations as tax write offs or deductions? In an ethical performance review, the organization will show that it cares about the donors, and is following government procedures. Clients/Customers- Is there a policy in place to ensure that all clients are given the same amount of time to be helped and processed? In an ethical review this shows that all clients are treated equally without prejudice or bias regardless of age, ethnicity, race, origin, or sex.

Volunteers- Are all volunteers treated the same, and given equal opportunities for employment in the organization? It is important for the organization to show their volunteers that they are valued and important to the organization. Society- Is the organization doing everything it can, to meet the expectations of the public it serves? It is important for the organizations ethical committee to know that the organization is doing all that it can to serve the public’s needs. The public will feel like they can trust the organization.

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