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Essay on Ethics

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Hacktivism as a Cyber Crime

The anonymous might continue with same name or with different name, as long as, people looking for the truth and freedom hacktivism will stay around and grow. The Anonymous is a group of people from all over the world doing illegal acts, but most of the time they are showing the bad activity that government big corporation does to the people. And is hard for any government to follow them and a res...

Going For The Look

How are older people supposed to have hope of being hired and retail stores when retailers are looking to hire young attractive people. Not everyone is born to be beautiful. Some people have better features than others. People should not be compared. Humans should be given equal employment opportunities and not be judged on how they look. A person can be beautiful on the outside and yet have an u...

Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth

Eric K. W. Yu is Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chiao Tung University. He has published essays on Romantic poetry, postcolonialism, and Chinese folklore. His current areas of research are urban space, travelogues, and the Hong Kong cinema. One of his latest articles, titled “Productive Fear: Cultural Anxieties and Ascetic Labor in Bram Stoke...

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Key Features of Utilitarianism

Lastly, there are other forms of Utilitarianism such as the “Best Interest Utilitarianism” by Peter Singer where he tries to solve the problem that some pleasures are bad for us. Preference Utilitarianism by R. M. Hare where he tries to solve the problem that people have different ideas of pleasure even if it’s something very small and specific, not everyone wants and thinks the same. Ending...

Ethical Issues

2. Lastly, select one component of NAADAC's Code of Ethics. Briefly summarize the component and discuss how it will affect your interaction with clients. For example, you may choose the component of the "Counseling Relationship" or "Professional Responsibility" within NAADAC's Code of Ethics. All papers should be written using 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins. Be sure to properl...

Ethical Dilemma Concerned with Euthanasia

A person making a voluntary euthanasia uses the utilitarianism theory when making such a judgment. One might choose to voluntarily do euthanasia if the person has reached an all-time low and the only other option is to the act. The person has to have thoroughly thought about the consequences and make sure his or her judgment is not biased or is not taken personal. There are certain conditions that...

Primary Ethics as Teachers' Professional Ethics

This means acknowledging a commitment to the students, the profession, and to the community. The Oklahoma Department of Education (the state in which I live in) requires a standard for performance and conduct for teachers. The site lists three main principles for teachers to follow which include: a commitment to students, the profession, and to the provisions of the Teacher Due Process Act of 1990...

Affect the Communication Process

We engage in human communication every day and it is important to understand how different factors affect the communication process. We need to understand them so that our messages are sent and received with a clear understanding. As humans in an age of such technological advancement, we are faced with the task of communicating with people from different backgrounds and understand this phenomenon...

Louis Pojman

He states a variety of general ethical principles (ten, specifically, which may have a connection to the Ten Commandments or may just be a coincidence) that seem to be necessary to rid suffering, resolve conflict, and promote human flourishing. While reading Pojman’s statements on ethical relativism I asked myself where do we draw the line on deciding what is right and wrong. As a Christian it w...

Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism

Although, the arguments against ethical egoism seem to be solid, I believe that greatness cannot be achieved by looking out for the interests of the entire group. Genius is not a group effort. I do not believe Mozart or Van Gough could have made such great works of art if someone had been looking over there shoulder saying, "no, no, that doesn't look/sound good at all." Even though on average huma...

The Ethos of The Leading Marines

Keeping up with moral is defined by little moments that reflect a leader’s standards. In all being a Marine Corps’ leader is the most sought after, and respected job. A great leader keeps up with his or her ethos, foundations, and is up to the challenges. In the end it’s all about the relationship and the bond which cannot be broken. Leaders teach from history. Just remember the traits and p...

Hewlett Packard Spying Scandal

From the above, we can say that Dunn’s investigation into the leak was simply in compliance with the first principle (Honesty) of the company’s code of ethics. Her intentions were clear from the outset – to probe into an alleged boardroom leak while at the same time respecting the principles of respect and fairness (last two principles) in the investigation. That in itself shouldn’t have b...

Augustine of Hippo and The Moral Thing

St. Augustine might have solved the problem in the same way. The moral thing to do is to tell the pilot what is wrong with him, whether or not withholding the information might help him. In this case, the doctor’s reason would come first, because the reasonable thing to do is the right thing to do. Aquinas, on the other hand, might actually have solved the problem differently. Without worrying a...

Etic vs Emic Approaches in Anthropology

The advantages and disadvantages of etic and emic techniques even each other out when used simultaneously. “Eating Christmas in the Kalahari,” “Shakespeare in the Bush,” and “Instructor’s Notes: Emic and Etic” demonstrate etic and emic approaches and how the two styles produce the optimum result. By using the two styles anthropologists will have a clearer view on the similarities and...

Ethical Lens Inventory

Depending on where you fell in the lens you could be, like me, autonomous. You do what is right and what is best for you but also for the greater good of everyone. Critical thinking is to ask questions, do not take everything at face value, consider multiple points of view, and then draw a conclusion. I feel ethics can be very personal and emotional. Ethics are something that I feel are taught at ...

Chisholm's Human Freedom and Free Will

Chisholm handles this argument by saying that this represents an error in our general understanding of causality and not that of immanent causation. Chisholm does not use the word free will because he thinks that if there is a "will" as a moving faculty, the question is whether the man is free to will to do those things that he does will to do. And also whether he is free not to will any of those ...

Benefits of Tennis

a.)Thesis Statement: I have talked about three characteristics that tennis has created for me, motivation, a code of ethics, and happiness. Motivation because it is a lifelong sport that I can continue throughout my life. It’s taught me morals and ethics because it’s a gentleman’s sport with responsibility to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. And lastly, happiness simply by bringi...

Ethical Behavior In Business World

It should not matter how one feels, what norms are in one’s society, how one defines right or wrong, and what one’s religious beliefs are. There are absolutely ethical elements in all the above that can be applied to all business ethics to enhance the ethical behavior but there definitely should be a standard that is universal and expected to be followed by all involved in business. It is so f...

Ethical Compass

We have discussed ethics in the business world, and even examined real life examples. It is no coincidence that the most ethical companies are also the most successful. Although simply a strong code of ethics does not equal business success, the two have a strong correlation. In the end it is not about what you can get away with without being reprimanded. I believe Potter Stewart (Associate Justic...

The Shawshank Redemption

Through this, it is evident just how influential the ethical decisions of a leader and the “shadow or light” they cast can be (Johnson, 2012). Thus, against the backdrop of the microcosmic subculture of Shawshank Prison, one sees the importance of justice and fair use of power to American society. The adage that, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” (Johnson, 2012, p. 1...

Dental Professionals

To conclude, patients have different values and priorities in life when they demand aesthetics treatments that their dentist think it is not in their best interests. A conflict arises from the variations of what the patient demands, and the dentist's integrity. Therefore, the dentist's decision of accepting or refusing the requested treatments must be guided by a ba...

Is Journalism a Profession?

On an academic level, there remains friction between traditional journalists and respected academics, resulting in limited cohesion between the two. On a public level, journalists are often viewed negatively as a result of bad journalism and journalistic practices. MA in Mass Communications Option 1 Is journalism a profession? What arguments and evidence would you put forth to support or deny any ...

The Youth in "Sonny’s Blues" and "The Conversion of the Jews"

In the same way that the society should lead the youth, the youth also serve as reminders to the elders. As we see in the two stories, the children’s actions serve as guidelines for elders’ behavior. In Sonny’s Blues, Sonny’s fate in drug addiction serves as a clear reminder to his brother of his negligence of Sonny. In The Conversion of the Jews, Ozzie himself teaches the elders how they ...

Behaviour ethical

Even to this day, individuals follow the teachings of religions to determine what correct ethical behaviour should be. Attempting to instill morals and values to their believers, religions imitate the virtuous qualities of a supreme being. For Jews, Christians, and Muslims, "The Torah," "The Bible" and "The Koran" reveal statements and parables demonstrating correct behaviour for their followers. ...

Nadya Suleman’s Dilemma

Designations need to be made who will pay for the hospital bills. (Gerdes, Louise, 2010). Who has the disposition authority of embryos needs to be more clearly defined. This is still a hot issue, with bioethics. (Johnston, Josephine, 2009). Finally, what is the physician’s responsibility, both legally, and morally? At what point should the physician refuse to perform what the patient demands? Th...

Business ethics

It was very important for him to set an example, as others would have done the same. He should have also looked at the social responsibilities of the business and also try to rectify the problems that arise in the organization. It is the responsibility of the leader to demonstrate moral responsibility as businesses are formed to oversee such responsibilities. This in turn promotes good cooperate g...

The use of ethnographic analogy

However, in his attempt create universals he occasionally bases his generalisations on little evidence. In his work, he suggests that that the practice of smoking hides, was women’s work. He based this analysis of hide smoking on ethnographies that suggested women were the ones who were mostly concerned with the practice. However, he then further generalises, claiming that hide smoking was done ...

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