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Ethical Speaking Analysis Paper

Categories Economics, Employment, Ethics, Human, Morality, Philosophy

Analysis, Pages 2 (368 words)



Analysis, Pages 2 (368 words)

Octavius L. Crowell COMM310 August 9, 2012 Dr. Dixon The most recent situation I have had involving speech ethics, had to be when I first started my job as front desk clerk at the Marriott hotel. All of my previous occupations were warehouse type meaning I had little to knew contact with customers, and I didn’t have to speak much. So when I started working at the Marriott as a front desk clerk , the main attribute of the job was speaking and interacting with guest.

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This was a major transformation from my previous jobs and required me to work on my speech ethics immediately. I started watching videos for proper speech ethics and it really helped me out a lot, I am still employed by Marriott four years later, and it has been the best job I have had so far. Not only have I gotten good at speaking and interacting with the guest I find myself enjoying it. It can be refreshing to have a conversation with an complete stranger you have just met.

With my experience of speaking in front of strangers all day long at work, it helped me prepare for speaking in front of classmate at university of phoenix. I could tell a difference because neither was I shy or nervous to stand up in speak in my very first class I attended at university of phoenix, I figured that confidence came from the type of work I do at the hotel. I have received a good amount of awards from my job, like employee of the month and most outstanding customer representative.

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I am also in line for promotion to ecome the assistant front desk manager. Without the proper speech ethics this would not have been possible. Having the proper speech ethics can take a person a long way, it show professionalism, intelligence, and respectfulness in a human being. Not having the proper speech ethics can be the downfall in a person career, business, and maybe even life. Having a job as front desk clerk at a hotel really helped me evolve as a speaker and person. And attending the university of phoenix is going to take me to the next level.

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