Ethical problem in psychological research Essay

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Ethical problem in psychological research

One very common ethical problem in psychological research is participants falling to answer question which they consider to be very personal (Michell, 1999). When conducting psychological research, the researcher is required to interview the respondents on each and every issue he considers suitable. Some questions posed could be very personal. This makes the respondent feel ashamed of answering the questions or he may feel that his personal life is being interfered with. The researcher needs to be very careful when asking the questions.

He should understand the temperament of the respondent before asking the questions. People are normally different. There are some peoples who are hot tempered and others who are not. When approaching some one for an interview, as a researcher I should put on a smiling face. Smile is believed to be the shortest distance between peoples even between enemies. I as a researcher I should understand the mood the respondent is in. By understanding the mood of the researcher I would avoid any unnecessary disagreements, which might make me not get the information I am looking for.

If the respondent is in a bad mood, I will try to approach him in a decent manner such that I may make his bad mood capsize. In each and every research, choice of language is very vital. Polite language may make a respondent who is not even willing to give answers to change his attitude and provide answers. Immediately I encounter some potential respondents, I should introduce myself. It defeats equity and common sense reasoning, to go straight to interviewing respondents immediately.

As a good researcher I should great them. By so doing I will win their confidence and every doubt they could be having about me is dismissed. Dressing is an important aspect as for as research is concerned. Dressing does not only make one decent but also makes one look genuine in what he is doing. The participants may cease to participate in the research. The participants have the following responsibilities: They should explain to you why they wish to leave, so that you can conduct a debriefing.

The participants may wish you to complete the research because you would not again ask personal question. When I am faced with an ethical problem there are some steps I would follow so as to solve it. In the very first I would determine whether there is an ethical issue. I would determine if in one way or another I have infringed one’s rights or values. If so I would ask for forgiveness and a lasting solution is reached at. Secondly I would identify the key values and principles involved.

I would typically assess the meanings and limitations apparent to these competing values. Thirdly I would rank the values or ethical principles, which in my professional judgment are relevant to the issues. For example if one is doing a research on the, workers who are getting a monthly salary of $200, a question about salary scales have to be asked. It would sound unethical to ask a person how much he gets. Fourthly I would develop an action plan that is consistent with ethical priorities that have been determined, as crucial to the research.

In my mind I will have several alternatives to present to the participant incase they react negatively. In the fifth step, I would implement my plan utilizing the most appropriate practice, skills and competencies. I would employ some tactics like sensitive communication, skillful negotiation and cultural competence. Lastly I would reflect on the outcome of this ethical decision making process. An ethical review committee or ethics team is necessary. These committees will provide counseling to those aggrieved.

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