Ethical Lens Essay

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Ethical Lens

My personal ethical viewpoint is that I like to weigh out the pros and cons of any situation. Also I believe in fairness and being open-minded. This allows me to look at other people point of views, than I am able to come up with some kind of solution to the subject, topic, or problem. After using the Ethical Lens Inventory, my result indicates that my preferred ethical lens is the Reputation Lens. The Reputation Lens defines “consistent with the habitual development of sound character traits including habits of thoughtful reflections, good intentions and noble human virtues.” The values that take place in this lens are integrity, justice, courage, and civility. My blind spot consist of “Unrealistic Role Expectations.” When I am given a task or a job, I try to achieve this goal to the best of my ability. It includes me being very disciplined, loyal, honest, and fair. The fact that I believe that a consistent process results in a just outcome for all, I sometimes trust the process too much.

Also I tend to forget that unequal access gives rise to unjust outcomes, even when the process itself is fair. My Strengths are I am compassionate, tolerant, good-natured, considerate, and strong-willed. I am an individual who respects humanity and the rights of others. I am an optimist, generous, adaptable, and a leader. I want to do what is right and what is fair. My weaknesses are I am not good in math, I can use a little more practice with my spelling, grammar, punctuation. Also I am a perfectionist; this can be good and bad in some situations. I tend to come down on myself pretty hard when I do not live up to my expectations. My other weakness shows when I become self-righteous.

When I lose my compassion, it can be a bad day for those who are close to me. I value “rationality and sensibility equally.” Also I value loyalty, honesty, and having a since of purpose in life. Having a clear understanding of why I value these things in my life is vital to me. This can result in good behavior for me in my courses, family, friends, and my career. When using my personal ethics to determine a course of action, this can allow me to have a positive outcome, by being honest, fair, loyal, and being open-minded. Also this can enhance the chances for me to have a better course of action I can take to be able to excel in everything I try to accomplish.

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