Ethical issues we face Essay

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Ethical issues we face

Ethical issues we face in the day-to-day job or private life Ethics is one of the most important aspects in our daily lives, whether we are employed within an organization or act as members of a society. Issues concerning ethics have increased significantly especially over the last two decades as a result of globalism and of a fast-changing world. Nowadays, the extensive usage of social media requires certain ethical behavior that goes hand-in-hand with the real world. Ethical issues in the workplace.

Ethical issues vary on the type of business an organization is involved in. However, certain issues remain the same and dealing with them is very crucial since their effects on the future of an organization might be devastating. Among them I can mention: Health and Safety

It is important to have a proper balance between the costs of production and the health of employees. All companies must ensure a safe work environment. However, there have been cases where in order to cut spending companies have failed to pay close attention to the health of their employees. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is one of most common ethical issues in the workplace behind which a large number of legal trials exist. Asking sexual favors in exchange of promotions is not only unethical but also punishable by law in most of the countries. Conducting personal business on company time

This can significantly impact personal job performance and the overall results of a company. Taking advantage of other’s work

There are times when we are required to work in a team and thus having an interaction with others when reaching the predetermined goals. Sometimes this can cause that certain individuals might take advantage of other’s work at a time when their contribution was minimal or lacking professionalism. To tell or not to tell

Observance of improper business practices conducted by managers or fellow employees can cause an ethical dilemma. In such cases we often ask ourselves to tell or not to tell. On one hand we are aware of their wrongdoing and want to report the problem, but on the other hand fear of losing the job cause us to remain silent. Other issues include late arrivals, lying to customers, nepotism, laying off of an experienced workforce and hiring of cheap labor, whistle-blowing etc

Ethical problems in private life
Ethical problems in our private life have a broader range as we are part of more complex environments. Some of them are as follows: Finding money which does not belong to us.
Gun control
Global warming
Stem cell research
Public goods
Disparities in wealth

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