Ethical Issues and Problems in Business and the Corporate World: Sexual Harassment

Strike, Inc. is a well known company in the field of Infotech (IT). It has actually been the main and main manufacturer of instructional software application and business operational development like database filing, computerized payroll system, and hardware created swipe device and upc code system. Jeffrey Jacobs, the manager, has been working for the company for nearly 25 years. His knowledge in system application and development made him the best and the most proficient in the supervisory position. He is aggressive and diligent but sometimes unforeseeable and bossy.

His personal attachment and close expert interaction with female staff members of the business have been seen by lots of. One day, Bernadette Ryan, the head of the system developers, went to Jeffrey’s workplace for item assessment. The meeting went on and Jeffrey’s remark about the new job is its marketability and easy to use performance. Bernadette, on the other hand, continued to describe the benefits of the system when Jeffrey stood and approached the door.

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She just continued talking about the functions of the brand-new system being established.

Without her knowing it Jeffrey suddenly appeared at her back, sort of listening to her discussion. Jeffrey started to make sleek moves; he intentionally put his hands, touched and sort of massaged Bernadette’s shoulders. Bernadette was surprised about the actions of her boss. She stood up and said, “I’d rather go. ” As she was walking her way out of the room, Jeffrey got hold of her arms and said, “I know you like what I’m doing.

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Come on, try me! ” Bernadette felt that she was being harassed and exclaimed, “Stop or I’ll scream! This is sexual harassment! ” Jeffrey felt more aggressive and told Bernadette that being the manager, he has the right to be the boss and handle his subordinates his own way. Jeffrey further imposed that if she would not submit herself to his personal aggression, he would tell other employees about the incident. Moreover, he would definitely fire her and tell everyone that it was Bernadette who did the first move of flirting. Bernadette was shocked. She ran out of the door to get out of Jeffrey’s malicious and questionable disposition.

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Ethical Issues and Problems in Business and the Corporate World: Sexual Harassment

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