Ethical issues Essay

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Ethical issues

There are numerous ethical issues involved in any organization. Such include, provision of corrupted financial statements by the organization, poor advertising practices, and failure to engage in interactional justice practices in addressing conflicting situation in the organization. This essay seeks to gives a discussion on three business problems that challenge the sustainable economic development of an investment. A discussion on viable solution to these ethical issues is also given by the author. The importance on ethical practices in business can be evident the in failure of numerous corporations due to financial scandals.

Among the many, WorldCom and Enron corporation remains eminently quoted in the twenty first century. According to available information, WorldCom Corporation had been involved in a number of financial scandals in the stock exchange market, which did not match its capital standards at the time. True to the letter, such were quite influential factors in driving the company to its downfall in 2002. Based on this reasoning, financial statements find one of the most crucial ethical issues in any investment.

This is because, it influences the decision making behavior of the investors into the stock market. in addition, the principles of effective decision making process at the management level dictates for availability of accurate financial information to ensure that the decision are reflective of the available implementation resources. This has the implication that, companies should engage in ensuring in highly ethical business practices to enhance not only the decision making process but also to protect and enhance the interest and confidence of investors in the organization.

Another ethical issue of concern in organization is failure to engage in interactional justice practices in resolving employer-employee conflicts. The principle of interactional justice practice is quite instrumental in enhancing employee commitment in an organization. by definition: interactional justice is a procedural form of justice whose fairness is determined by the level of interpersonal treatment of the parties involved in the procedure of making fair decision based on politeness and respect of the people by the authority or the person engaging in the process.

In addition, another important aspect of fairness in interactional justice is explanation how a particular way was employed in making the decision and the rationale behind the adopted resource or remedy distribution technique used. All these provisions are quite influential in mitigating counterproductive practices among employees due to failure of effective relational trust with their employers. The third ethical issue by in organization is advertisement.

According to proponents of advertisement practices by organization, the practice is mainly aimed at unfairly influencing the purchasing behavior in customers. As an emphasis on this claim, advertising practices are eminently marked with misleading information on the capabilities and importance of products in enhancing the quality of the life of customers. Indeed, it is not a common issue to witness court cases involving products not matching advert claims. This falsified advertisements are however bring short-term benefits to the investments.

Such can be attributed to the fact that despite the strong commercial influence brought by adverts, customers are only satisfied by quality and personal demands. Therefore, falsified business advertising practices serve to negate the long-term sustainable competitive advantage of the organization; the ultimate dream of every investors. The only solution to this practice is for businesses to engage in ethical practice by advertising the actual qualities of their products or services.

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