Ethical Energy Essay

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Ethical Energy

Over the past years, there has been increased exploitation of the natural energy resources especially crude oil and therefore increasing the carbon gas emission into the atmosphere and destruction of the environment. Most of the developed countries and emerging economies are the major consumers of oil and the rate of gas emission is very high in such countries making them to experience slightly higher global warming temperature compared to global average. The United States and Chinese per capita carbon dioxide emissions are to top most in the world.

The effects of carbon fuel are destructive and as a result there has been a fruitless effort to invest in alternative energy, the green energy which is more ethical and environmental friendly. One of the most notable environmental activist is Al Gore, former United States president. Anti –Global warming Lobby The campaigns to invest in bio fuel and other alternatives have been in place for sometime now. Al Gore became the most popular environmental activist when he stated lobbying for the use of green energy to cut down the gas emissions that caused global warming, Al Gore.

(2006). US government was determined to set the pace for the world in cutting dependence on oil and investing in green energy. Inconvenient truth is a historic recording of the effects of globalization. This is a documentary film about global warming that was presented by Al Gore, the former U. S Vice president. The inconvenient truth centers its attention on teaching the public about the relentlessness of climate predicament on people’s lives. In the film Al Gore makes predictions of the World Climate changes and prospective tragedy.

All through the film, Gore expresses his presidential bid loss to Bush and his sister death from lung cancer as well as his early life at Harvard University. The film discusses scientific judgment on climate transformation. It a detailed account, it discusses politics, effects of global warming on economy and the results thereafter if greenhouse gases are not considerably decreased. Al Gore. (2006). All these campaigns were meant to benefit those would invest in green technology.

By August 2008 Al Gore and his associates had invested close to $1. 2 million in what they call environment friendly companies. Global warming campaigns addressed issues that affected world climate and solutions, but not concerning where the public was to put there money once the government enacted those rules regulating economy and how much greenhouse gas they would produce (Berger 1998).. A part from the film, Al Gore also wrote a book by the same title. The book was released at the same time as the release of the documentary.

The book contained mare information that included systematic evaluation and Al Gore’s recommendation on the subjects addressed. There is additional information in the 2007 documentary; an Update with Former Vice President Al Gore which discusses events that came later after the book and the film was released. This documentary covers the Katrina Hurricane, exhaustion of coral reef, glacial tremors on Greenland, wildfires, and methane gas associated with melting of ice, Al Gore. (2006).

Gore says he became concerned with global warming when he joined Harvard University and wanted to see to it that the whole world worked to protect the natural environment. Later on when he joined congress, he got the chance to address the subject to congress. He addressed environmental issues in a book Earth in the Balance, tackling a number of solutions to the problems. As the vice President, Al Gore advocated for the realization of a Carbon tax transform incentives and to reduce organic fuel consumption.

This was meant to reduce release of greenhouse gases into the environment in the short term solution. Gore also backed the financial support of a satellite called Triana, to enhance understanding of environment issues and take crucial steps towards generating solutions. Even after his defeat Al Gore continued his anti-global warming campaigns where he revisited the works he had done earlier on compiled them in power point presentation. By the time he was doing the film, Gore projected that he had publicized the presentation to different audience a thousand times.

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