Ethical Dimensions Essay

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Ethical Dimensions

Health care tools has changed to organize better care for patients. Doctor’s use computer’s or laptop in the office and exam rooms to enter electronic health records (EHR). The EHR makes it easier for the patients to receive better organized care along with better organized health statistics. The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) administers the HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules for individual’s protection of their health information. Many doctors and health care providers recognize and accept all requirements under the Security and Privacy Rules. EHR permits health care providers and doctor’s to use data efficiently in their care and to develop the superiority and effectiveness for the betterment of the patient. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and care givers must meet the criteria of Electronic Health Record Program to become eligible for the Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

The first year, hospitals and Eligible Professionals (EP) do not have to demonstrate their important use, but are obligated to approve or upgrade to an (EHR) for them to receive payments for the services rendered. All work must be documented correctly in stage 1, (data capture & sharing)- stage 2 (Advance clinical processes), or stage 3 (Improved Outcomes) The HIPAA Privacy Rule gives the patient’s rights to all information documented concerning them. Whether on paper or electronic, the patient have the rights to their medical records, get correction made if any mistakes are found, informed if the doctor use or give his/her information to anyone, to see where they contact you, and to complain if needed to OCR website


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