Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma

In searching for a solution to the ethical dilemma of animal factories using antibiotics to keep animals well, I think there is only one solution; that is to stop buying animal products that come from these places. The hard part is getting more people to follow suit. The hard part about getting people to stop buying a certain product is that consumer’s don’t always know the risks or problems associated with a certain product, in this case, meat that is tainted with antibiotics.

When consumers in the United States go to the grocery store or market, we are so hurried in our lives that checking where the food comes from often is not of importance. If consumers are to make a change, they first need to be educated, and this takes time, so someone has to get the word out, and on a large scale. I would contact major media sectors and draw their attention to the problem. I would check out Internet sources and make blogs or posts of my own. I myself would become an educated consumer and stop buying these products.

I would speak to medical professionals such as my family physician to ask about the potential dangers of eating meat and poultry that had been fed antibiotics, and I would change my diet accordingly. I might even get my own hens if my city allowed that in city limits, and I would suggest to others that they do the same. I would share what I know with others and refuse to buy products from animal factories. This is the power that I hold as a consumer, and I would utilize it to solve this ethical dilemma.

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