Ethical Considerations For Testing Essay

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Ethical Considerations For Testing

There have been many debates throughout the years regarding ethics and when, where and how they are to be used. Many people are unsure of how ethical beliefs should be combined with the proper ways of instructing and testing. Is it ethical to give someone a test if they are not prepared for that test? In the real world, if an individual is not prepared for a certain business meeting, they can simply reschedule. This is the controversy that comes to mind when ethics and testing are combined.

Many people believe that there is no ethical considerations given for testing. It is thought by some that students are forced to take a specific test that they are, in fact not ready for, which would prove to be very unethical. However, each curriculum and test is based on things that each student should have already been made aware of during the duration of classes. Therefore, they are, in fact, ready to complete the test. Ethics is overall, a major branch of philosophy, which encompasses and deals with good living and the right conduct.

Where there are many different forms of ethics such as business ethics, being thical basically means making the correct and proper decisions. The proper decision concerning testing procedures and the way they are distributed is quite simple. First, the student is taught the material that is to be on the test. Next, the student is to study this material so it is memorized to an extent in their head, given an appropriate amount of time, which usually entails about a week or so.

Finally, once all of the criteria has been fully absorbed, and the teacher feels that the content hat is being taught has been sufficiently learned, a test will be given. This test is simply to ensure that the content that was discussed in classed has been effectively learned by the students. It is to my belief that it is not considered unethical for a test to be given simply because a student complains that they were not prepared enough. The teacher has already gone through the necessary preparations for the test, and the rest of the studying is left up to the student to ensure that they are prepared.

It is, in fact, true that in the real world if a person working has been scheduled a specific or certain meeting, that they can simply reschedule that meaning if they do not feel they are appropriately prepared enough. Ethically, the proper decision for this person would be to reschedule their business appointment. However, it is not ethical for a student to attempt to reschedule a test unless they have substantial reason for doing so. Examples of such reasoning would be having missed a few days of school due to a sickness.

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