Ethical Challenges Essay

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Ethical Challenges

When meeting clients at community and social events the issue of confidentiality and privacy arises. And I agree with Stacey Mason that personal and professional boundaries should not be blurred meaning that clients should not try to consider social event as an excellent opportunity to talk to counselor about certain disturbances. I think confidentiality won’t be broken if relations between the counselor and client remain professional and defined.

Of course, some clients may think counselor may share discussed information with the audience, but professional counselor will never use shared information as advantage over the person. I agree that the principles of beneficence and confidentiality should not be violated in any case. In situations, when client is viewed as danger to counselor, the last should take preventive measures either reporting police or informing the relatives. Thus, I agree with Stacey mason that the only case when the principle of confidentiality may be violated is when it is necessary to prevent a suicide attempt.

I think that Meagan Bowser’s position on key ethical challenges is valid as well. There are clients who don’t want others to not about their visits to counselors, and, in such situation, counselor is recommended no to approach the client until the client says something to the counselor showing willingness to communication in informal environment. Of course, the counselor should not talk about treatment, counseling or other related issues. I think that counselors should always think of client’s privacy and confidentiality.

I see the second situation is more confused and perplexing and professional counselor has to reassure the client that his confidentiality won’t be violated as, there are cases, when under severe stress students attempt to commit a suicide. I agree with the idea that the key responsibility of the counselor is to persuade the girl to tell parents about her problems, not to tell parents himself. Only professional counselors are able to process student’s emotions and direct them in the beneficial way.

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