Ethical Awareness Essay

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Ethical Awareness

Ethics could be defined as the moral philosophy, which tackles the concepts of right and wrong. In the field of philosophy, ethics is concerned in the defending and recommending of one’s behavior. Meanwhile, in the case of organizations, ethics enables an organization member to come up with sound and mature decisions. Ethical awareness, meanwhile, is a vital factor in the success and the relation of members within the organization—or the society as a whole.

On the other hand, ethical awareness inventory refers “to a series of broad characterizations representing four prominent categories of ethical philosophy. ” This practically helps in the analysis of an individual’s perspective on ethics, according to the answers given to the set of questions that need to be answered. The Combined Score would most likely reflect the individual’s perspective on ethics in general. The results that my test gained showed obligation is the greatest consideration I think of when talking about ethics.

It mainly involves, perhaps, my preference of those individuals who value responsibilities with emphasis on taking actions based on ethical principles. In dealing with other people, for instance, Obligation is the main factor I look into for an action or individual to be considered ethical. It means that if a person duly respond to his/her duties and responsibilities which, of course, for the greatest good, it means being ethical for me. Meanwhile, the least consideration I have, based on the results in Equity.

It means that I do not consider “equality” as synonymous to being ethical. Perhaps, it is because Equality is not just easy to achieve since “some are more equal than others”, as a popular author puts it. In a society where stratification is very much evident, equality can never be a main factor for me for an individual or action to be considered ethical. The results are mainly affected of the brand of education experience I had through the years.

The utilization of alternative learning strategies for ethical awareness have helped me develop or think of plans that would incorporate ethics into other aspects of the organization. Emphasis could be given to “active-learning” approaches. The challenge in using “active-learning” for the facilitator is to cope with the susceptibility of each individual to ignore the importance of doing such. The active kind of learning is mainly comprised of five steps: • Discovery of the predicament or problem within the organization;

• Identification of the possible tools and resources that would help in finding solutions for the problems; • Examination or scrutiny of the alternative strategies that could be helpful in solving the problems; • Implementation of the specific solution that was chosen; • Reflection on the solution that was implemented, assessment of the consequences of the solution or the outcome. The issue on ethical awareness is usually taken for granted by some individual. In reality, ethical awareness is one of the greatest and most crucial factors that would determine the success or downfall of a society.

Ethical awareness means fulfilling one’s duties and obligations in order to contribute to the general growth of the society Collective effort is much needed for the development of a society, and without ethical awareness inferred from the individual within, there could never be an assurance that a society would develop. Aside from the benefits of ethics awareness in the sum of the society, it would also benefit each individual as it would provide them maturity, self-disclosure, and self-realization, among others.

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