Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Essay

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

Ethical issues and Moral issues are completely different and it has different values. Morals are more of a motivational word based on ideas and if you are right are wrong. You give yourself a certain expectation and nothing can change that. This is standards that are set by you in order to have a great career in the future. Ethics is a professional based word that is based on your performance. The techniques in a workplace are professional and represented well if you can say you have good ethic skills. Your morals can be there but if you don’t have good ethics in the working environment, you may not be with that employer long.

You can have good morals but your ethical issues can be a problem with lack of dedication. It is important to have good ethical and moral issues because it shows good leadership and in order to succeed in today’s job industry and be successful you have to have both. Let’s take me for instants; I work for a multi-million dollar company and we have a mission statement this year that states “ALL IN” meaning we have to give it our all and we have to know that at the end the day, if I did not get that display or sell, at least I tried and the next day try it again.

That is giving your all. My standard is set high which would include my morals to be the best. My working skills are recognizable from all management, so that means I have great work ethics. If I don’t set myself to have my morals and ethical issues intact, I will not keep a job and be successful in the future. Business Ethics is when the business has to make a conscious decision on its problems such as harassment, employee relations and discrimination to name a few. It is everyone’s hope that businesses choose to do what is right meaning ethical.

Businesses become driven by profit and margins and as they grow, the hunger to achieve more money increases and the businesses starts to fall off its ethical mission statements. Managers play a major role in this process because they tend to forget what there position is in place for and they forget about the values that the company need when it comes to work relations. Personal Ethics could be defined as what a person believes to be right. This varies from person to person as these are influenced by culture, beliefs, experience, law and religion.

This person may have their own expectations in the work environment and feel that there way is right and not what the business says it is. The personnel ethics of a person is influence by the business ethics because the expectations can be high are low. If a worker feels that the ethics that the business proceeds is not right, then he are she should confront the person in charge and come to an agreement of the problem. There should be balance when it comes to people in the working environment. A couple of months ago at my job, we had a problem with some of the salesmen’s personnel ethic issues.

The business ethics had its own standards but it was not agreeable with the market feedback that is giving to us; meaning the sales. The salesmen would focus on the criteria one way and when we had a market tour, some of them were dealt with in ways when it could have been avoided. The issue was resolved before any further action had taken place, but if communication would have been a priority, disciplinary action would have not taken place. If we take control our personal & business ethics, we would create a better social responsibility.

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