Ethical Essay Topics

Ethical Issues Involved in End-of-Life Decision-Making

End-of-life decision-making entails looking into ethical, cultural, as well as, legal concerns. All of the aforementioned has to be carefully considered if one has to decide to end his or her own life. This paper will look into the ethical, cultural, and legal issues that go along with end-of-life decision-making. It also intends to state… View Article

Ethical And Environmental Factors

The state of Belina is situated in the sub-Saharan region. The countries in the sub-Saharan region have suffered a lot for many years. Most African countries in the sub-Saharan parts have been depicted to be suffering heavily due to the low industrialization level in the region. The transformation of country’s economics together with the changes… View Article

Ethical Argument Cover Letter

This is my submission for the Ethical Argument writing assignment. I was asked to choose a topic to write and I chose to write about the Ethical Arguments against Abortion. Initially, I had many choices but I landed on this mainly because this is a broad topic as it covers science, religion, and human rights…. View Article

Ethical behavior principle

The behavior of each and every person is control by moral and the guiding principles. This is normally portrayed in our daily usual acts, and hence shaping of our ethical behavior is critical in the making sound decision and upholds the trust of the public. A successful business is only possible if there is a… View Article

Ethical Challenges

Almost any field of profession has its corresponding hardships that an individual involved in it has to face. Nevertheless, there are occupations that pose a more challenging situation due to the fact that it deals with the life or personal affairs of other people. This kind of adage is greatly applicable to the area of… View Article

Ethical challenges face by Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King’s legacy is that of a crusader for justice, equality and peace. He possessed the ability to cloak his causes in the highest of ethical standards. It is said that he could speak of ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ and the ‘promised land’ and arouse the idealistic emotions of black and white, rich and poor…. View Article

Ethical Challenges

When meeting clients at community and social events the issue of confidentiality and privacy arises. And I agree with Stacey Mason that personal and professional boundaries should not be blurred meaning that clients should not try to consider social event as an excellent opportunity to talk to counselor about certain disturbances. I think confidentiality won’t… View Article

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas in the society have posted a major challenge to humanity since historical times. This has been contributed by the threats and immediate uncertainty that acts and reacts to kill the will and desire to do that which is good. Ethical dilemmas comprises of direct wrong acts in the society even when the correct… View Article

Ethical and Environmental Requirements

Since all the nations understand the effects of the fossil fuel there need to take a practical step towards solving this problem. This is a very expensive undertaking because many nations had already invested in fossil fuel extraction. In order to preserve the natural environment, all the countries are supposed to come to an agreement… View Article

The ethical hack itself

Once the contractual agreement is in place, the testing may start as defined in the agreement. It should be noted that the testing itself poses some risk to the customer, since a criminal hacker seeking the transmissions of the ethical hackers could learn the same information. If the ethical hackers recognize a weakness or a… View Article

Ethical Hacking

As computers became progressively more available at universities, user communities started to extend beyond researchers in engineering or computer science to other individuals who viewed the computer as an inquisitively flexible instrument. Whether they programmed the computers to draw pictures, play games or to assist them with the extra boring aspects of their daily work,… View Article

Ethical Issues in Research

Ethical issues are essential factors that must be given due and proper consideration in research. This becomes even more applicable when researchers deal with studies that involve human beings and animals. Numerous experiments are being made to achieve progress in various fields of discipline, including psychology. In doing so, human beings and animals must be… View Article

Ethical issues regarding stem cell research

One of the recent significant breakthroughs in the field of biomedicine is the discovery, isolation and the ultimate culturing of stem cells from human embryos. The stem cells which are isolated form embryos are unique in that they are able to self renew and still retain capacity to differentiate too many forms of tissue cells…. View Article

Ethical Issues Relating to Halliburton and Iraqi Contracts

This paper examines ethical issues faced by public sector employees and employees of private sector firms that conduct business with and for government agencies. The paper discusses Halliburton, a U. S. defense contractor, in light of the primary issue, several secondary ethical issues, and the impact on stakeholders involved. The goal is to make recommendations… View Article

Ethical Non-Objectivism

According to A. J. Ayers, the moral judgements are not cognitive in nature and are based on specificity to a given situation. These judgements can not be evaluated in absolute terms as true or false but rather on the basis of validity or applicability to a given situation. A moral judgement, according to him, is… View Article

Ethical Issues

Researchers found that 10 percent of employees at all levels report feeling pressured to compromise ethical standards in the workplace (Managing Business Ethics by Trevino and Nelson 2007). Ethical issues are faced by every industry in the business world as well as communities, public and private organizations and individuals. Leadership, internal practices, and training may… View Article

Ethical Issues in Human Relations counseling

Ethical actions at all levels of human operations [personal or corporate] form the main basement of higher productivity and progress in the society. Kidder points out that the demand for ethical actions has intensified with time as more people become aware of their rights thereby increasing the overall pressure especially to respective authorities in demand… View Article

The central ethical issue

At first glance, it can be difficult to immediately discern and identify the main, or central, ethical issue that revolves around the case (‘Parenting Parents’) that chronicles Mary’s struggles pertaining to her parents’ problem about substance use and abuse. It is because there are some other issues that can also be of ethical and moral… View Article

An Ethical Issue

Euthanasia is a hotly debated ethical issue these days, and there are certain arguments for and against its practice. Arguments against euthanasia are usually based on the sanctity of life, and such arguments are often compatible with religion, but arguments for euthanasia concern individual liberty, and a desire to prevent more suffering than is absolutely… View Article

Ethical Dilemma

The article Ethical Dilemma presents the formidable role and functions of a nurse and other healthcare providers as it tries to preserve and uphold the dignity of life until its last breath. The authors Cynthia Kellam Stinson, MSN, RNC, CMS; Jennie Godkin, MSN, RN; and Rutchie Robinson,RN, MSN, all respected and reputable professionals in their… View Article

Is it Ethical for Regional Airline to Pay First Year

As compared to other airline workers, pilots are the most costly with labor being the largest cost for all airline companies. In fact, contract negotiations between pilot unions and the airline management are usually bitter. Recently, contract negotiations between the world’s largest airlines, UAL Corp’s, and its pilots resulted in the increase of costs throughout… View Article

Ethical Issues of Deception in Psychological Research

In psychological studies, ethical issues associated with deception have always the major concern area. It is largely been viewed as something which in long will cause effect on participants’ willingness to be a part of any psychological research. The controversy associated with this issue has itself led to many researches to ascertain the positivity and… View Article

Ethical Codes

Over the years, there have been a lot of technological developments in the field of psychology. These developments have not left psychological assessment and testing behind as it has also been affected. However, there are a number of ethical issues that have been raised in this field concerning computerized assessment and testing. The main aim… View Article

Ethical Considerations

The conduct of the members of any profession must be of very high standards in professional terms. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) requires very high standards in its Code of Conduct for members so as to be able to earn the credibility as well as the prestige IT professionals deserve. The ACS Code of Conduct… View Article

Ethical Issues

The place of ethics in the society is a highly recognizable one as ethics form part of the most sought after issues in life. It is on this basis that every individual, organization, society, and group does all in its power to uphold ethical requirements in the place from where it operates. Wherever the individuals… View Article

Ethical Issues in Human Cloning

In the modern society, cloning has been described as the man-made, genetic duplicate of another living form (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], 2005). Cloning of mammals has been a far-fetched idea to some scientists for a very long time. However, in 1997, Dr. Ian Wilmut, along with his team, successfully cloned a… View Article

Ethical Issues in Work Groups

Therapeutic pressure, unlike undue pressure, enables members of a group to help each other discover their individual answers without pressurizing them to accept the answers deemed appropriate by the group. Group thinking enhances unanimity, mental efficiency and moral judgement that are appropriate which each person (William, 1995). In the first five sessions, the leader acted… View Article

General Ethical Perspectives

Leadership is usually effective when leaders are motivated. Self drive is important to attain good leadership. Motivation for leaders is usually cultivated by the getting concerned with others. Leadership is further built by the development of ethical prospects such that there is a clear guideline on what leaders are required to do and what they… View Article

Ethical issues

There are numerous ethical issues involved in any organization. Such include, provision of corrupted financial statements by the organization, poor advertising practices, and failure to engage in interactional justice practices in addressing conflicting situation in the organization. This essay seeks to gives a discussion on three business problems that challenge the sustainable economic development of… View Article

Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling

Counselors like any other medical professionals are guided by professional ethics when it comes to performance of their duties. More often than not, mental health professions are usually faced with the challenge to observe ethical guidelines and legal concerns due to the unique criteria that comes with their job. Primarily, the ethical requirement requires the… View Article