Eth 316 Individual Assignment Week 1 Essay

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Eth 316 Individual Assignment Week 1

Utilitarianism is a theory that suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces more total utility for the group than any other alternative.aka The greatest good for the greatest number pg 153 Deontology is a moral theory that emphasizes one’s duty to do a particular action just because the action, itself, is inherently right and not through any other sorts of calculations—such as the consequences of the action. Because of this nonconsequentialist bent, deontology is often contrasted with utilitarianism that defines the right action in term of its ability to bring about the greatest aggregate utility. In contradistinction to utilitarianism, deontology will recommend an action based upon principle.“Principle” is justified through an understanding of the structure of action, the nature of reason, and the operation of the will.The result is a moral command to act that does not justify itself by calculating consequences.

Virtue ethics is also sometimes called agent-based or character ethics. It takes the viewpoint that in living your life you should try to cultivate excellence in all that you do and all that others do.These excellences or virtues are both moral and nonmoral. Through conscious training, for example, an athlete can achieve excellence in a sport (nonmoral example). In the same way a person can achieve moral excellence, as well. The way these habits are developed and the sort of community that nurtures them are all under the umbrella of virtue ethics.

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