Estimation of Modern American Society

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Consumed by media Americans are portrayed and seen as living a sedentary life of mediocrity yet media depicts America is about get rich pipe dreams and money making schemes. Hard work is non existent and no one is admired for their character or wisdom. And because of this, Americans seem to be oblivious to the world and the rest of the world is taking advantage of this and are gaining ground on things Americans take for granted. We live in a media driven world and at times these images are not what they seem but only a moment of a story line.

American culture/society is not “stupid” although, some Americans do prefer to ignore issues that are uncomfortable which then depicts Americans as ignorant.

Ignorance is not simple in any means, it is not the undemanding absence of enlightenment regarding the configuration of the democratic frame of governance or the insinuation of the deprivation on the arousal of curiosity but it is the method transpired for the occurrence of public perceptions.

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Communal ignorance can be attributed from a surplus of fruitless education ventures which may impart in the downfall of our civilizations future. This same public ignorance relates to Americans knowledge and comprehension of our democratic form of performance. The only way to improve upon this, is with the improvement of the level of communal knowledge and understanding with the responsibility befalling our schools educational system. According to Moore, the school system itself is selling itself short with the collaboration of advertising firms in order to stay afloat due to the lack of governmental support.

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The lack of supporting governmental entities transform universities into consumer servicing institutions where students do not experience the sense of competition. These pupils do not acquire a sense of pressure with any amount of humility regarding their level of intelligence due to being shielded from these consumer benefited institutions. Grades are artificially inflated and individuals advanced forward due to the executives and department professors catering to them as esteemed benefactors for the continuance of assistance to the educational establishment. The stress and hardship of college is not experienced as it once was, the development and the creation of an individual’s character is lost from the vigors of a well deserved, earned college degree due to the enslavement of the corporation for the all mighty dollar.

This era of American society thinks that nothing is real until it is on television and gratification should be instantaneous. “We are moving away a natural skepticism regarding expert claims to the death of the ideal of expertize itself: a Google fueled, Wikipedia based, blog-sudden collapse of any division between professionals and laypeople, teachers and students, knowers and wanders…the death of expertise…the knowledge of specific things that sets some people apart from others in various areas.” (Nicholas 63) This blank type of obstinate ignorance in the age where knowledge is everywhere, breeds individuals who are narcissistic and arrogant. They have the knowledge at their fingertips and once they learn the answer, it is discarded and the moving onto the next project is initiated.

The average American is consumed with the raising of their family, focused on their jobs and the continuance of their schooling for the achievement of obtaining the American dream. Americans do not have the time or the incentive to divulge over political issues, world affairs and economic financial figures. Americans do not see the acquisition of learning as the beginning of their education they see it as a means to an end. Americans thoughts are self centered and thoughts of how will learning this benefit themselves in the long run, what can be gained from this acquisition of information. This narcissistic culture does not appreciate the obtainment of information and lacks the respect for the intelligence with the thoughts that everyone has the ability to be as smart as they want to be and everyone is equal. Yet, there is a division between American views in the pubic forums with the age of the internet. Individuals enter these chat rooms or on facebook applications with the mindset to wipe out a person’s status with no consideration of the other human beings feelings or repercussions of their actions. This is the opposite of working together and being equals where we all should aim to assist others in the obtainment of education no matter how clever or mastered one is we should encourage learning throughout our existence. To change the perspective of Americans to look beyond the home matters in front of them and legitimately worry that the issues they see on TV in a different continent, are not to be ignored. These thoughts of indifference due to the distance between continents creates a lack of concern of how other people see Americans, has been and continue to be a looming danger for our safety and security in a post 9/11 world.

Unraveling the issues surrounding public ignorance in Americans start with the people who possess the power and create the roles for the school system and funding, they must acknowledge that our schools have a extensive impact and duty for the current and future generations. “universities are promoting a single ideology instead of acting as welcoming, neutral forums for debate. In censoring unpopular viewpoints, they rob the marketplace of ideas of its substance and consequently silence the critical debating practice that our Founding Fathers routinely turned to in ironing out the nation’s most complex issues.” (Preska 226) To start, the recognition for the need of intensified accentuation on the events of our past to develop the understanding and interest of what makes our government what it is today. With a better perception of this history, breaks the wall of ambiguity and instills a willingness in the population to engage in a proactive elimination of societal ignorance. With this increased knowledge it spreads into the procurement of international awareness and appreciation for tolerance. “Regardless of state curriculum standards or the content of history textbooks available nationally, high schools frequently fail to engage students…We’re raising young people who are, by and large, historically illiterate…the blame squarely where it belongs, on all of us who are educators, parents, and writers. We must not blame our children, or our grandchildren, for not knowing what they haven’t been taught.” (Abrams 8)

Over time our young Americans shall develop an interest in the lives of cultures outside of their home country and embark in the contemplation in the aptitude of holding a passport. This broadens the insight for either civilization by pushing different cultures together as they encounter and learn one another’s way of life. Opening the willingness to learn the customs of the other civilizations creates the dispelling of ignorance between the reality of how each live their lives and reign over themselves. This basic lack of knowledge and comprehension amidst the populace creates an uncertainty for the people with the power to devise employment that will enchant far reaching household promotion and create the control of its consequences.

Time can only tell but given Americans history of being narcissistic and egotistical it can be seen as a difficult change that will not come easy or quickly. Although, every person does have their own deep valued rooted disagreements over a multitude of issued with the government, environment, social issues or the financial budget; it can be said the problem is not of sheer stupidity, it is the problem of ignorance. There is an over abundant lack of information versus the lack of ability of the people. In this moment, it is time to cure this illness that has overcome our great nation so we may all come together to dispel the problem of ignorance, accept our differences and understand each other.

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